Emerging Triumphant Through the Storm of Life

Emerging Triumphant Through the Storm of Life

Dealing with depression and anxiety is as dangerous and harmful as dealing with any other physical disease. In today’s modern times, where the world has evolved into a competitive sphere and it is always a question of the survival of the fittest, many may face circumstances in life that demeans all their efforts, all their positivity and make them feel like giving up. Before continuing with reading this article, the first fact that you must accept is that depression is real. Suicide is real. However, change and a better future can be made real too. All you need to do is shine through the darkness, encode the code which shows you the light. There is always light at the end of the tunnel which awaits your emergence to embrace you with open arms.


Things to do when you are on the verge of giving up:

At times when the world seems to crumble beside you and everything falls apart, you may face thoughts that make you give up. This can be very dangerous as it is very real. The first step is to accept what you are facing is reality and something that cannot be undone. However, what can be done is to change these unsettling moments into something which drives you to achieve your goal. The most important reason to not give up is hope. Hope for a better life. Hope for change. Hope for dreams. Hope for success. And hope for the future.


Remember the beginning: Recall the reasons for joining the venture you are currently in. Think about the joy and thrill it came with. Remember the passion you portrayed when you convinced yourself that this is what you want? All the effort you put into achieving what you are today, all the struggles and hardships you overcame. That was all you. You did it yourself and you can do it again. Today you have successfully managed to complete so many years of your life overcoming every obstacle which was dropped in your way. You will overcome this too and emerge triumphantly. And when you do you will watch as happiness and success embrace you in their loving arms.


Think in Detail:

 Carefully analyze the situation and circumstances which have driven you to such a stage. Why is it that you must take the step you are about to? What are the specific reasons? Is it something that has no way out? At a distance, the entire situation might look too vast to analyze. However, if you sit down and focus you will soon find the exact reasons which made you feel this way. Pinpointing situations make it a lot easier to find suitable solutions to the problems as there is always a way out as long as it is not the end of the world (literally). Keep your options open, consider specialized treatments, and therapy. Seek help but do not give up on the blessing of life.


Count your blessings:

 Every night before you go to sleep and every time you have a strong urge to give up on life and let loose, start counting your blessings. It can be hard to focus at first but be determined and start with simple things. Do you have a roof above your head? Blessing one. Water to drink and food to eat? Internet to read this article? Always remember, someone in some part of the world has it worse. Do not neglect your feelings and situation however look at the bright side of it. We are often more blessed than we realize. Once we look at the bigger picture, we understand how progressive and blessed lives we lead. Counting your blessings makes you value and appreciate things more and show how basic needs are what are the most precious ones.

Giving up is easy but pulling through the storm is not. We all are equipped in some way or the other to brace what life throws at us. That is why most of us are here today, making it all the way. Remind yourself of the beauty life is yet to offer and remind yourself of the hope which is present in every sector of life. Surround yourself with love, shelter, peace, and happiness in the simplest of forms possible. Most importantly, tell yourself there is a better tomorrow and that today is a matter of the past. You got this!