Embrace Self-Love in the process of Awakening

Embrace Self-Love in the process of Awakening

We spend our life evaluating ideas, sketching moments, and analyzing the memories. We are brought up with a set of ethics and theories that might bear no resemblance to reality. We have always wanted the society to accept us for the way we are.

But the thing that we badly lost was in the process of appreciating ourselves. We forgot self-appreciation.

Being kind, empathic, and righteous are the terms we have been taught since childhood. We impose these feelings towards whom at the end?


When you are not aware of loving yourself, it arises a sense of failure within us. We feel the restlessness of not accomplishing anything. We feel bounded about not doing anything except for thinking. In such cases, few situations often lead to depression as well. You might feel like staying secluded from others to avoid company and gathering because, at the back of the mind, you have the sense to prove yourself. Be it in anything.

Your friends might have something you don’t have. That might lead to such thoughts.

There is one lesson that highly needs to be learned.

When you put the ointment in your own wound, it pains less. It is because you understand the depth of your own suffering. Such an ointment is Self-love. When you impose it on yourself, it will heal your wound and lead you towards a golden sky of happiness.

How do we elaborate on Self-Love?

Self-love is hugging your own pain and lightly caress it to ecstasy. It is the moment of understanding, feeling and showering respect to your own soul. As we are made up of both the soul and the body therefore it involves both the physical as well as the spiritual world, we are living our life along.

Self-love is the harmony of facing your own demons and overcoming it. It is all about accepting the way you are. That needs to be with a positive attitude. You must deal with the situation and forgive yourself. You need to understand your drawbacks and recover it with a better version of yourself.

If you cannot accept yourself, it is impossible to love someone else as well.

There is a difference between self-healing and self-sacrificing. In the history of our classic eras, there were situations where an individual used to sacrifice themselves for the other’s benefit. It might be marriages for the wish of your parents, sacrificing in a riot in the name of a religion, or engaging in conflicts to self-justify others.

We must always have some time for ourselves at the end of the day. The period of time is known as Self-Healing. It is the period when you are your own companion, friend, and confidant. You can express yourself to pamper your spirits. Make sure to make the best use of that golden time.

Process or Methods of embracing Self-Love

Self-Love leads to self-awakening. Almost whatever you touch with your heart, turns into love. The best part about self-love is that there are no rules or conditions to cherish our own beautiful body, mind, and soul. We are our own physicians. Unless we want, nothing can recover.

Few venturing ideas to unleash the love for yourself.

Come in terms with your thoughts

We create our own world where we wish to live. It depends on how we create it and how much positive vibe do we put while creating it. Your thoughts should be about what you want to occur rather than what you do not. Seek the advice of your soul. Listen to your heart and feel what you truly want for your life.

Being awakened means to parallel the thoughts with our reality when it confluences into becoming neutral.

Make a variation in your diet chart

Consume food that makes your body happy. It is very necessary to have a proper intake of green vegetables and fiber-rich foods. Have a fruit of your own choice while you are painting. Keep happy thoughts even when you are having food. Food is the energy of the body. Be kind to your body.

Involve the mind into Reading

When we get into the aura of understanding the difference between the factual and the fictional world. We acquire knowledge in every moment possible. When we read, we connect ourselves with the world in a few pages. Reading expands the vision of your mind. It helps you to start imagining different and beautiful scenarios again.

Trust the Process of Life

Our life holds a bit of uncountable fragmented moments that we call memories. We go within the situation or feel it to create a memory. Whatever is occurring with you is the process towards the memories. Focus on the present. Memories are the recollection of the past. Let your thoughts get aligned with your work in the present. You will feel a lot better inside out. Whatever will happen is meant to happen. Trust that it will work out for the highest good.

Awakening is the other side of Self-Love. When you love your existence, you understand your purpose of the Life you have been gifted with.