Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies. These movements of the sacred bodies of space will leave a profound impact on human lives on earth. This so-called pseudoscience, astrology, has been gone through various advancements.

Now let us glance at the official definition that has been widely accepted by the Oxford Dictionary.



"The study of the movements and relative position of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world."

–       Oxford English Dictionary


Indian Vedic Astrology is the archaic system of astrology in the world. Many studies have proven that the Indian Astrology differs from both western astrology and Chinese astrology. Indian Astrology is just believed to be a superstition right now. But many don't know how impactful it is. Astrology works based on time, date, and latitudinal and longitudinal parameters. These parameters determine the happenings of the events that occur in an individual's life or the affairs going to happen in a country when the national affairs are considered. Now let us work on the subparts of Astrology. Coming to the subpart of astrology, we have nine subgroups under the main subject called Astrology.

They are:

● Medical Astrology or Astropathalogy

● Astray meteorology

● Mundane Astrology or Judicial Astrology

● Natal Astrology

● Horary Astrology

● Election Astrology

● Kabbalah Astrology

● Kerala Astrology

● Omens

Coming to the most important branch of Indian astrology, i.e., ELECTION ASTROLOGY. Now let us learn about the aspects that are entirely included in this branch of astrology. 



Electional Astrology is also summoned with the name Event Astrology. Traditionally, from ages, the Electional Astrology is considered as the most ancient branch of the Indian Astrology. In Electional Astrology, the astrologers entirely concentrate on the time, which is seen as most auspicious for any event. When the Electional Astrology is compared with the Horary astrology, then the significant difference between those both are in Horary Astrology, the astrological chart or so-called horoscope is prepared based on the time at the moment when the individual poses the question to the astrologer. But here in the case of Horary Astrology, the astrologers, or the specialists in the branch of Electional Astrology, here the appropriate time is decided by them for any particular event or occasion. 



Electional Astrology has been in usage from very long ago. However, the ancient astrologers used this technique during the war times, weddings, or any trips, or on any other occasion, the astrologers take a step forward, and they suggest the right time for the event to happen. Thus, in this electional astrology can be seen as the oldest group of Indian Vedic Astrology. 

The Electional Astrology has come into practice from the Babylonians ara. They have started using it for various computations — the custom of using this Electional Astrology principle in the analyses from the 16th century onwards only. However, the practice of these beliefs has passed to various lands like Persians and Egyptians territories. Earlier, the astrologers who followed the themes of Electional Astrology used this electional astrology in the name of Muhurta.  They utilized the rules of Electional Astrology while selecting a time for auspicious moments or occasions like travel, warfare, yajnas, marriage, etc.



Here the querent or the person who asks a question to the specialists in the field of this Electional Astrology then the astrologers follow some procedure and he or she does some necessary calculations and finally comes up with the final predictions or the essential details of the time at the moment has to be conducted. Now one can have a doubt regarding the procedure followed by astrologers to give their valuable suggestions regarding the time of the event. But the philosophers of this field, they go on calculating based on the positions of planets like the Sun who is often treated as the father of the solar system, the Moon who is addressed as the Queen of the solar system, along with the other planets like Mercury, Venus, Saturn, etc., stars and other celestial bodies, etc. 



Everyone might be aware of the different branches of Indian Vedic Astrology. Now here we will find about the subgroups of Electional Astrology.

The Electional Astrology has been divided into three branches. They are known as :


● Radical Elections

● Mundane Elections

● Ephemeral Elections

● Magical Elections


The magical elections have been treated as a part of Ephemeral elections.


The above context on the topic of Electional Astrology has briefly explained the various things that are dealt with within it. Thus, one of the whole high backgrounds can be summarised in one point, saying that the Electional Astrology entirely focuses on the deciding time for various occasions, as mentioned earlier.

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