Elaborate Ganas in Kundli matching

Gana Milan

It is a process that is done as per the star sign according to the time of birth and when matched you get 6 gunas. It is a very auspicious one and holds great importance in the Kundali Matching process. If one of you is of Dev Gana while the other is of Rakshas Gana then there would be a great difference in the respective nature of the couple.

And then it would give rise to a number of problems, compatibility and the adjustment of the couple. The 27 Stars are parted into the following three parts Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, and the Rakshas Gana. Each of this actually represents the gunas of human that are Satva, Rajo and Tamo guna. 

It imparts different characteristics and nature to an individual and the detail of each Gana is as follows-

Dev Gana-

It mainly included those who are born in Hasta, Ashwini, Pushp, Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Revati, Anuradha, Swati, and Shravan star. It is said to be the most auspicious Gana of all the three Ganas. You are said to be a person that resembles god from its nature and attributes. You are a mild person that is beautiful, compassionate, simple natured, intelligent, self-respect, and are scholars. For an auspicious match, it is necessary to match in the same Gana for both the bride and the groom. As it would make you both full of affection and compatible with each other. For an extraordinary and auspicious match, one should be of dev Gana match with a dev Gana. For an ordinary match, a Dev Gana can also match with another Manushya Gana. But for an inauspicious match that has no Gunas, the match is between Dev Gana and the Rakshasa Gana and would be considered as Gana Dosh.

Manushya Gana-

It includes those born in Purva Ashadha, Purva Falguni, Utara, Purva Bhadrapad, Utara Bhadrapad, Ashadha, Rohini, Audra, and Bharani stars. You will be bestowed with the characteristic traits of Manushya Gana as well as Rakshasa Gana. It totally depends upon your doings, if it is good then you will achieve the status of Dev Gana and if the doings are bad then you will achieve the status that would be worse than the Rakshasa Gana. It can be matched to any of the Dev Gana or the Manushya Gana for a good match. But if you match with Rakshasa Gana then it not be an auspicious match for the pair. Though if it does not match then the situation that arises is known as Dosha. There are certain remedies and solutions to remove these Doshas.

Rakshasa Gana-

You are the people born in Ashlesha, Krutika, Magha, Shatabhisha, Jyeshtha, Chitra, Moola, and Dhanishta star. You get angry very soon as being stubborn you will not listen to anyone. Because of your anger, you will land up into fights and arguments and speak in a rude banner.

Now the gunank or the coefficient can be found out as follows-

If the match has been done between both of the Dev Gana then the gunank or the coefficient is 6.

If the match is Manushya Gana then the gunank or the coefficient is 6.

If the match is Rakshasa Gana then the gunank or the coefficient is also 6.

But if the match is of Dev Gana and the Manushya Gana then the coefficient or gunank is 5.

For the combination of Manushya and Rakshasa Gana, the coefficient is 1.

The Dev Gana and the Rakshasa Gana combination also gives the coefficient as 0.

The Gana Milan is necessary for the compatibility of the partner and less a happy and prosperous married life. It is considered to be the 6th aspect of the Kundali Matching procedure. It helps you to know the nature compatibility of the partners and their respective traits.

If you have the same Gana in the match then you both will be having very high compatibility who is suitable for each other. But the Gana score of 0 depicts the least stability and compatibility with each other and is even said to be the Gana Dosha. And if then also you go on to get married you will have a relationship that will be filled with difficulties.

It helps you to examine whether the nature of the partner will be suitable for each other or not. And the coefficient of the gunank tells whether it will be a good match or not with no complexity just love.

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