Effects of Shani Transit 2020 on Zodiac Signs

Effects of Shani Transit 2020 on Zodiac Signs

Saturn as always reiterated is a harsh teacher. It is a begetter of the karma of the people. It preaches well to the good and evil to the evil. The planet is the push for the people to take the path of righteousness and wisdom. Saturn is called the Shanaischara or the slow mover and the tenure of the Shani Mahadasha is calculated at seven and a half years. 


Saturn is going through its usual transit from the 24th of January 2020 and now it's going to the house of Capricorn from Sagittarius. It's going to remain here for another two and a half years. This is the ongoing phase of the Sade Sati for both these astrological signs and the beginning of the Sade Sati of Aquarius. It will be in the regressive position till 11th of May 2020 and will start its progression again from 29th of September 2020.


Let us discuss the individual effects of the transit on each of the zodiacs.




The transit is supposed to happen in the 10th house. Therefore this is a prettyish a favourable time for Arians. On the career front, it is going to be a very positive outcome, though hard work and endurance must persist. The person must maintain it with his seniors. There are going to be more duties and responsibilities. There is expected to be an abroad trip happening lately in July or August. A person is supposed to have a good influence on  home. One has to maintain a lot of cordiality with one's mother and father, especially during the first quarter.


Expenditures are looking up for people working in medicine, oil and mining. They have to be economically active and look upon their expenditures. Things are looking up from March 2020. Health should be alen care of in the mid-year and in December. The worship of Lord Hanuman is a remedy.




The Taureans are going to face hardships due to a weak moon. They are going to have problems at home, mostly marital due to third party intervention. Hence they should maintain it with their spouses, elders and siblings. This period is also very concerning on the basis of health. This period is a very accident-prone zone. The health of the spouse may also be a cause of concern. Things are looking up from April. People have to work harder during this period to keep up in office. Incomes are seeing a rise as well as expenditures. The worship of Hanuman is a remedy




The Saturn Transit is into the eighth house hence the time is not a very favourable one. 

The conditions at home especially marital are at danger. There is some serious misunderstanding happening. Also, there may be some delay in the progeny. Therefore one has to maintain it with the elders and their spouses. One may also be concerned regarding the health of any one of the family members. The marital problems may arise during the time of February 2020 to April 2020.


At work front, you'll have to maintain it with bosses and your business partners who are pretty bound to give you troubles and rejection. Health problems like indigestion and arthritis will prevail. Months August-September may prove to be favourable. For any sort of inconvenience, it's better to consult an astrologer. Shani related remedies may be performed. 




The transit is taking place in the seventh house. There is going to be some petty marital problems which need to sort out. This is basically during the time period of April to June. A basic understanding must prevail at home. There are chances for marriage proposals of getting delayed or cancelled. Therefore one must not hurry or get worried during this time. Take it slow and subtle. Economically one must lookout during purchases and fraudulent activities. There may be prospects of a job or chances of a home. Take care of your health during May and June.




Saturn is supposedly entering the sixth house and hence this is very favourable time for you.

This is the time to fearlessly move ahead in your ventures and defeat your enemies. There are going to be obstacles but do not put much brain on them and cross them effortlessly. There are prospects of love affairs and marriage. This is a good time for students appearing for competitive exams, who are in favour of both family and fortune. This is the time for any new job prospects or promotion and a raise. The time of October to December is a crucial time. Therefore look out for your health.




Saturn is entering your fifth house and hence this may prove to be not a very favourable time for you. There are going to be some unnecessary fights and battles for the people. Those expecting gestation have to take very proper care of themselves and their babies. This is not a very favourable time for lovers and marriage and there may be lovers patch. Hence they should look out for their partners and support them and go along with them. Financially this is a very unsafe time. Stocks and gambles may be at danger and hence should be done with all heart. There may be a reluctant transfer or loss of a job. One should maintain it at the workplace. Health-related problems may be a concern.





Saturn is going to transit into your fourth house and hence there may be some causes of minor concerns throughout the year. You'll always be busy and worked out because of some stress anxiety and stage fear. There may be contention in your family due to your irritability and temperament. Professionally also this time is not a very favourable time. Minor inconveniences will prevail throughout. Promotions may get delayed and hence there are not going to be any raises. Health-related issues like BP may always bother. Things my look up from the second half of the year.




Saturn is supposedly entering the third house and this is going to be a very positive time for you. You'll be having cordial relationship within your family. You'll feel content and happy within the homely sphere and hence the family sphere is going to be a very positive one. One.may expect positive outcome at work. A business may expand. Investments may prove to be profitable. There are chances of promotion, raise or a new and a better job. Travelling can be in your bucket list. All of the good deeds of your karma are dealing now. Health problems of elders and siblings may cause problems. The months of April, August and September are the most fruitful.




The planet is entering in the second house. As this is the end phase of Sade Sati for these Sagittarians, there are going to be minor inconveniences all through the year. One is supposed to be very detached from world affairs and hence will not take interest in things, creating problems. Expenditures are expected and there's going to be problems at work for defiant seniors. By the end, things may get better. The month of April and thereafter is going to be tough in matters of health and finance.




This is a remarkably unfavourable period for Capricorns because of the Sade Sati is at its prime stage. People may face obstacles in almost all of their endeavours and hence they may be grieving throughout the year. There may be marital problems causing distress in the family. There is going to be a lack of support and backup from family. Therefore you've to be patient and wait for it to surpass. Be sympathetic towards things and family for emotional normality. Unwanted transfer and loss of a job at work maybe cause of stress and hence they may give work front issues. No prospects of promotion or raise may bother you.

 Things are looking up at the end of the year after April 2020. Be more financially careful during February and March.




This will be a mixed year for you because Saturn is in the twelfth house and the first phase of Sade Sati is going to begin. So you've to start doing remedies of Sade Sati well in advance. With hard work and perseverance, you're bound to get good results. There may be some problems in the work front and enemies may try to pull you down causing inconveniences. Try to get past all of these in time. Foreign endeavours won't be fruitful.


There may be some problems in health both physically and mentally. There may be some expenses, specifically on the health front. Therefore careful planning and good care will suffice. Also, this is the time when you need spiritual help and should resort to meditation. 




For Pisceans this year will be pretty prosperous and very helpful, mostly because they are going to be positive from both their personal and professional viewpoints. Your family life will be joyous and happy, and you'll get along with everybody there. You'll feel more confident and energetic and will start new endeavours with positive outcomes. A business may expand.


You may suffer financially mostly during the second half of the year and hence you've to be pretty careful about how you spend. Past investments may help. Health will be okay throughout the year. Have faith in Lord Hanuman and try yoga and meditation.