Effects of shani on your life

Effects of shani on your life

Saturn or Shani is a celestial planet that has got a lot of importance in astrology. There are many different effects of Shani in our life. The effects can be both positive and negative. The Shani is considered to be a very dangerous planet as the negative effects can be quite severe.

Shani can cause failure, loss, arrogance, health issues in your life. It is also believed that there will be lots of challenges when Saturn will be present in our zodiac. But there are not always negative effects of Shani. There are some positive effects as well.

Negative effects of Shani or Saturn

Shani comes to one’s life once or twice. Saturn revolves around the 12 zodiacs for about 30 years. It spends almost 2.5 to 3 years in one zodiac. It influences the people belonging to the zodiac sign in which it is present.

During its presence, there are a number of negative effects observed in one’s life:

1.  Shani can have extreme effects on health. It can bring physical as well as mental illness to people. People have been seen suffering from different diseases physically as well as mental problems such as depression, anxiety, fear, etc. The period of Shani can be quite adverse due to severe health problems.


There are cases observed where Shani has also caused fatal accidents in one’s life. Thus, it is often advised to be extra careful when Shani is in your zodiac. It challenges people both from physical problems as well as mental. Mental issues are seen very commonly. Shani can become quite dangerous when it comes to health.


2. Career problems are seen as well during the influence of Shani. You may observe a loss in opportunities in your work life. There will be fewer opportunities coming in your way.

It also affects you mentally. The effects of Shani mentally is very strong and thus it might end the passion you had for your career. You might not feel motivated to work again.

There are cases observed where some people also lose their job. Thus, it can be seen that how dangerous the effects of Shani can be in our life.


3. Financially, as well as people have been suffering from lots of problems. Shani can make you financially unstable. There will be an extreme loss of money. You might suffer from money problems. These effects on financial problems are the biggest reason behind mental illness. People in many cases have been suffering from depression due to the issues in their careers and financial instability.

You may also suffer from unwanted debts. Businesses have suffered losses as well. There will be a loss in profits of a business. Investments can also become a bit riskier during this time.


4. Shani has various effects on personal relationships as well. It might create conflicts and issues in your relationships. The relation can get affected due to the conflicts. The love life can also suffer. There can be lots of misunderstandings. During this time, you need to put extra efforts because all your relationships will be becoming quite fragile.

5. Shani is also responsible for influencing people with lots of arrogance, ego, and anger. You might become arrogant towards people. There can also be a lot of overconfidence an ego inside you. Shani can also make you short-tempered as well.

Positive effects of Shani

There can be both positive and negative effects on your life due to the influence of Shani. There are a number of positive effects as well.

You might suffer a promotion in your career. The positive effects of Shani can also bring lots of opportunities in your life. You can experience a sense of confidence and motivation in your mind. Shani can increase the self - confidence inside you. It can also improve your relationships.

There will be lots of success seen in your life. Mentally, you might feel very healthy as your professional as well as personal life will be in a great position.

Make sure that you are doing good deeds during the presence of Shani in your zodiac. Lord Shani is considered to be a god of karma. And thus, he will punish people who will be doing bad to others and also will bring happiness and success in the life of people who are doing good works.

Thus, it has been observed that Shani can have both positive and negative effects on your life. The only thing that you need to do is not to lose hope and continue doing good work.