Effects of Shani Mantra and its Incredible Benefits

Effects of Shani Mantra and its Incredible Benefits


Astronomically speaking Saturn is the 6th planet of the solar system with the mystically Ring around him that embarks its uniqueness.  It is the 2nd largest planet after Jupiter and a natural satellite or moon count that exceeds that of Jupiter. Ancient records speculate Saturn as named after the Roman god of harvest and time, names Cronos and historically documented Saturn’s existence was first discovered by the great Galileo after the invention of Telescope. Though he flopped to notice the ring around the planet because it was the earliest and the crudest form of telescope.




As mentioned always astrology is not as scientific as astrology rather has more layers and depth to it that needs study, enthusiasm and most importantly a mind free from skepticism. Astrology brings about unknown facts that are less explainable but more has to do with the assigned signs and celestial bodies and inspecting them. When we speak about the reading such extraterrestrial bodies the discussion of Vedic astrology is an obvious talk because the first-ever documentation of planet study or more prominently the position of planet study was first witnessed in the oldest manuscripts of Vedic Astrology, also known as sidereal astrology. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is popularly coined as a Shani. Shani is considered to be the most powerful planet who has a very strong influence on an individual if the ring planet enters the astrological premises of that person these phenomena in Vedic language is called Shani Dasha. The difference in the year of each Shani Dasha is seven and a half years. It is said that once in a lifetime of every individual he or she is struck by the powerful persuasion of Shani.




Shani prevails the most in the 8th house of astrology that contains the most personal domain of an individual that mostly contain the relationship one has with their partner in the field of financial trust and issues. This includes intimacy, merging, shared partnership in financial income or property, joint ventures with partner’s resources, but it is also noticeable adverse consequences of Shani in a person’s  life is witnessed mostly in 8th house and as scientifically it is a slow-moving planet it also defines the readings of the astrological chart and hence the effects last longer. Though that doesn’t necessarily tell that every effect is inauspicious. The houses like 2nd, 7th 10th, and 11th house which denotes monetary factors, marriage and relationships, career and long term goals and social reputation and friends respectively will have a very positive outcome when it comes to being under Saturn’s domination.





Before discussing what is the mantra or chant and why it is important a little description of what the concept is important. Saturn chant is a dialect in Sanskrit that is repeated in certain hours of the day and in certain numbers that can help in altering or in some case nullifying detrimental adversities of Saturn.  “Nilanjana sama bhasam raviputram yama grajam II chhaya martanda sambhootam tam namami shanaishcharam II”, this word to word notes the pure Sanskrit mantra transcript in the pages of vedas but its rough translation denotes the following


“Om” : Like every other Sanskrit mantra, it starts with an Om that describes supreme godhead.


Nilanjana Samabhasam : When translated into English it means the one who is illuminating like a blue mountain.


Ravi Putram : The son of Sun god though Ravi is just one of the number of names that denotes a son of the lord Sun.


Yamagrajam : He is not only the god that symbolizes death but also the elder brother of Agraja.


Chaya Martanda Sambhutam : Though its a literal translation is one who is born to Chaya or shadow it is another name for Son god’s sun

And lastly,


Tam Namami Shanescharam this is the ultimate and the most important part of the mantra which means we confess our defeat to the slow-moving planet that has some strong influence on us.



It is very often seen that people confuse the consequences of Shani with that of Rahu but when technically noted and inquired it is seen that Shani is like karma it gives a taste of your own wrongdoings and as a form of punishment teaches you a lesson by making you face the misfortune. The most effective form to abrogate the negative alterations.







This mantra has to be repeated with a very clear mindset and purity of heart and body, it is imperative to learn that until and unless chanted from a saint heart the mantra will not work. After taking the morning bath one must sit on a peaceful place which will not allow distraction and the mantra have to be chanted 108 after picturizing the figure of lord Shani and his majestic frame of the almighty. The best results will be obtained if the mantra is chanted 23,000 in the full course of Shani Dasha to quicken the result. Moreover chanting the mantras doesn’t only help you cope up with the difficult time but also gives you a sense of calmness and serenity as it is also a form of meditation.