Effects of Rahu on your life

Effects of Rahu on your life

Rahu is an imaginary planet in our universe. There is no actual presence of Rahu seen in the solar system. It is an imaginary dot which is made by the intersection of the paths of Sun and the Moon. Rahu is generally associated with another imaginary planet named Ketu.

The Rahu dosh in one’s life can cause lots of effects in one’s life. The effects are both positive and negative. People sometimes, considered Rahu to be a negative planet and believe that it can only cause problems in one’s life. But this is not the true reality.

The truth is that it depends a lot on your zodiac, birth date, position of the planet and in your karma. Based on that, you will be experiencing its effects. The negative effects might be bringing lots of severe problems in your life. Thus, many people are scared to be under the Rahu dosh.

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Effects of Rahu

1. Rahu can make you greedy in your life. You might get extremely influenced by materialistic possessions. The greed of anything can be quite dangerous and can bring huge problems in one’s life. Greed will influence you to choose the wrong methods to earn extra money. The wrong methods can have lots of consequences in your life. Thus, it is often advised to always think about every action.

2. Rahu have got an intense effect on one’s personality. You may feel huge changes in your personality and even your perception of things. Rahu is responsible for bringing lots of changes in one’s life. You may experience a change in decision making, perspective on things, choices, behavior. These are the characteristics of things that determine one’s personality. Hence, the change in these characteristics will change your personality totally.

3. It has been seen that people also have developed anger in one’s behavior. You might react to things impatiently which can lead to extreme destruction in your life. Anger has the capability to destruct lots of things in your life. Thus, be patient and have some control over your mind. Don’t get angry on things immediately. Instead, sit and understand the matter and then react to it. It will change the way you have been handling situations.

4. The effects of Rahu also includes mental and physical problems. Mental issues like depression, fatigue, sleep disorders, panic attacks, etc. are seen common among the people suffering from Rahu dosh. Physical problems can include lots of different diseases. You should also be very careful as Rahu dosh also causes accidents and injuries. Take extra care of your health during the Rahu dosh.

5. People suffers financially as well due to the Rahu dosh. Financial instability can cause many problems in your life. It is advised to not take any kind of unplanned risks with money matters as it can have huge impacts on your finances. Be very careful and try to save as much as you can. Rahu can bring love for luxuries and materialistic things but don’t spend money too much on unnecessary stuff. It will create further problems in your finances.

6. You can experience a big change in your professional life as well. There will be a change in profession or career paths. The change can be both good and bad. You might feel happy to change your profession or it may also happen that you have been forced to change your career paths due to the circumstances in your life. You are also likely to face lots of challenges in your career.

Positive effects of Rahu

There can be certain effects in Rahu which can be positive. The positive and negative effects depend a lot on the position of it.

It has been seen that Rahu can bring immense success in one’s professional as well as personal life. You may get fresh and new opportunities in your life. Rahu mainly represents a change in different areas of your life. 

Thus, you will be experiencing positive changes with respect to career, personal life, spirituality, and growth.

You will feel a positive change in your attitude as well. The way you will see things will be changed as well.

Thus, there are both positive and negative effects of Rahu. There are different phases of Rahu dosh. Certain phases have positive impacts while some have negative. But whatever will be the case, be ready to experience some drastic changes in your life.