Effects of Rahu in Aries

Effects of Rahu in Aries

Rahu, the Navagraha is also known as the ninth planet depicting shadow is often considered a very inauspicious celestial body. The sightings of Rahu in an individual's astrological reading generally declare pessimistic outcomes in one’s life. Though there are certain remedies and treatments that don’t necessarily alter the effect of Rahu but provided can definitely reduce it and turn it into a little constructive. Some of them include praying to a certain idol like Ganesh that can eliminate obstruction caused by Rahu and even taking assistance from gemstones like hessonite can help in reducing the effect of Rahu. Sometimes even mundane things like changing certain habits or making sure that you don’t give in to monetary or fame temptation can amend the predictions.  

Though because of not having a physical existence and just being a shadow Rahu has not been marked in with any Zodiac unlike other planets, it doesn’t conclude the fact that it cannot disturb the zodiacs by ascending in the position of the planets associated with them. The placement of Rahu according to study is fixed during birth depending on the past activities and mistakes are popularly known as our ‘ karma’ but Zodiacs have a huge role in the induction of Rahu in the remaining lifetime. There are 12 sun-signs with each having a unique characteristic under the influence of Rahu but the interesting Zodiac that catches our attention is the fiery first sign, Aries. With the element Fire and the planet allocated Mars the relation of Aries with Rahu is particularly rare. According to the renowned Vedic culture and astrology, Rahu being interlinked with Aries has both positive and negative effects, the reasons are self-explanatory, because of being earmarked to Mars the sign resemblances fire while Rahu is an air planet considering it doesn’t have a solid figure, hence the outcome is contradicting, physics states wind aerates fire and creates extreme ignition similarly when Mars comes under the impact of Rahu it can easily result in severe aggression and anger followed by chains of impulsive decisions that can have huge negative consequences. Now speaking about the positive aspect, Aries born embarked with Rahu channels quick monetary prosper as an individual with this particular astrological trait will possess utmost determination, ambition, and a downright workaholic nature when it comes to professional life.  

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In the study of astrology, Rahu is the most apprehended planet of all celestial beings, astrologists sometimes have difficulty in giving judgments when the readings are assigned to this shadow planet and it should be kept into consideration that no two astrologists will give the same conclusion. The former description might differ from the latter which is about to be presented next.  

Another countenance recorded with the relation of rahu in aries is Horoscope of time or the ‘Kaalpurusha’  horoscope, in this type of study the body of Rahu popularly known as Ketu also comes into existence, when placed according to the time chart Aries comes under the influence of Rahu and Libra falls under Ketu, in this condition the characteristics of an Aries drastically changes from the former prediction. In this case, Aries is much more set back and unsocial, they fail to create a bond with people and self-doubting prevails while self-understanding decreases hence make the individual dependent on others. These personas also lack self- expression qualities and are suppressed by other characters. An extreme scenario of this reading is the emergence of phycological problems if the above-mentioned problems remain unattained or untreated.   

In some myths, Rahu is considered fire because of the power and strength it carries and Mars is always the fire planet so in some studies, the conglomeration of these two planets can justify a different outcome for such Aries born. The amalgamation of two fire planets can astrologically result into a volcano which can frame very short-tempered yet extremely passionate like distinctive feature in an individual. This high-end combination can also categorize a person being extremely good looking with attractive physical features and an appealing persona.  

When all these points are reconciled again, it is inferred that rahu in aries, together can bring a few constructive and positive energy in one’s life as the character traits could be considered both righteous and atrocious, for example, aggression is a birthmark that comes along this musing and being aggressive towards gaining something while keeping your ethics and principles steady can lead to great achievements, it also gives internal strength and quality to resist difficult and tough situations in life. If Rahu is positioned in the birth chart of an Aries, all inclusively means happiness and optimism in domestic regions like family and significant other their overall worldly and consumeristic accomplishment is good with this. With rahu in aries it is not all inauspicious it has its defaults and flaws but it's not a big factor to worry as a little control over lifestyle can bring out the subtle side of Rahu