Astronomically speaking Mercury is the first planet of the solar system, being the smallest and innermost celestial body. It takes approximately 87 days to complete a full circle around the Sun and is named after the Roman deity Mercury also known as the messenger of God. Though we believe that the real question lies in how people can be provided with answers about the several incidents of our life.

Astrologically speaking Mercury is a planet that use to rule the 11th house but in modern sidereal astrology the influence has shifted to the third house that denotes business and communication. Mercury affects the speed and swiftness of an individual when they talk but one thing also should be noted that under the affiliation of Mercury sometimes people can say something impulsive in a critical situation that cannot be necessarily taken back. Though Mercury can compel every zodiac it rules Gemini and Virgo.  Mercury unlike planets like Rahu and Saturn it can be pretty optimistic but Mercury can also have malefic effects depending on the zodiac it is affecting upon.

Influence of mercury can include sharp thinking ability and intelligence but it can also infuse anxiety and confusion among introverts.



Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the sidereal astrology Zodiac list. The constellation is transited by the main celestial object sun from November 23rd to December 21 of the year. Its position on the zodiac wheel is from 240 to 270 degrees. Sagittarius is a tropical sun-sign. The figurative translation of the constellation is a centaur which is a half-man and a half horse and mythology documentation state that centaurs were very wise and intelligent creatures and they were responsible for binding heaven with Earth. The symbolization of the sun-sign is bow and arrow. Sagittarius is one of the three signs associated with the element fire and the ruling planet is Jupiter.



Sagittarius is a double fire sign ruled by Jupiter and if at any point of their lifetime they fall under the influence of Mercury it is an intense fire starter. We have to remember just because mercury affects the zodiac now Jupiter doesn’t diminish and in some instances, they work together. Though Jupiter and Mercury inimical towards each other in the zodiac their adversity eliminates and they are able to work towards the optimistic cause pretty effortlessly. Though the personality of a Sagittarius suggests that they might be the rigid individuals who have mercury can have an excellent liberal approach towards life. Mercury opens the spiritual side of a Sagittarius connecting them to their souls hence reminding them to see things in a better way.



As already mentioned before about the spiritual personality, these certain characteristics also instigate a philosophical approach to life. These people are also very religious and are likely to visit a form of the sacred ground once in a week. The occupation that a Sagittarius born under mercury is likely to opt for is either with the psychological background. Their personality enables them to use the creative side of the Sagittarius more and hence they might also end up having a career as an author or a poet. But even they opt for a mainstream job in a corporate office they will surely impress people with their compelling ideologies which cater to be a better solution as they are out of the box. The personality also includes being a skillful speaker and their orating skills can influence people and at the same time manipulate them for the selfish motives of the particular Sagittarius.

This zodiac is a visionary bunch and with the influence of Mercury, they can also have a reckless mind that will encourage them to take action for their inspiring ideas. But we also have to remember that Mercury can also have some malefic comebacks for example in the excitement of doing everything at once, one can turn impulsive and not think or contemplate before jumping into the activity full-fledged. This zodiac under Saturn wants everything perfect, in order to do that they might come out as downright rude or spouting off but it is all out of the accident and being malicious is not their intention.



Mercury allows a Sagittarius to take care of the little details in any work they will be projecting their energy in. Sagittarius itself has some negative personality traits and the influence of Mercury can assist them in getting a clear vision of their future that the zodiac ultimately goal for. Overall concluding the article Mercury gives Sagittarius the amount of enthusiasm and confidence needed that a zodiac alone might lack it also turns Sagittarius to be a little intimidating which can access their profit as they can get things done and people will think twice before doing them wrong.