Do’s And Don’ts for Chandra Grahan On July 5th 2020

Do’s And Don’ts for Chandra Grahan On July 5th 2020

Lunar Eclipse is considered a special event that occurs when the moon enters into the earth’s shadow. When the sun, moon, and the earth is closely aligned together the lunar eclipse appears. July 5 will be a Penumbral lunar eclipse that does not has much effect on humans like the total or full moon eclipse does. The third lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan is all set appear on July 5th. Skygazers who are waiting to look at this lunar eclipse will be able to see or view it this on July 5, 2020, and most visible in the areas of North America, South America, Western Europe, and Africa.

This time it will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, the majestic one which occurs when the  Earth comes between the sun and the moon and form a straight line, due to this the blue planet will block the sun rays to reach the surface of the moon, in this Chandra Grahan the earth outer penumbral shadow covers the moon or the moon passes through it that is why it is different from total or partial lunar eclipse and it is called as Penumbral lunar eclipse, this is considered as inauspicious time by Hindus and astrologers and believed by them a lot.

Rahu Ketu are behind the lunar eclipse in Hinduism, during the time of churning of the sea, a fight between two gods and the demon happened to get the nectar, to solve the issue Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a girl named Mohini and convinced them to distribute it equally. And when the Lord Vishnu went and sat with god the same the demon Rahu also sat with the god and both of them had influenced and eclipses the Sun and Moon.

There are three types of lunar eclipse that occurs every year, total, partial and penumbral eclipse, In total lunar eclipse the earth shadows completely covers the moon and this is the dramatic and harmful one among all three. This year there will be four lunar eclipses to be seen and the upcoming third eclipse will be seen on 5th July, 2020. The penumbral eclipse does not affect human life much as total and partial lunar eclipse does but still need some precautions to be taken care of.

It is said that this third Chandra Grahan will last for 3 hours or so, but there is still the best time to watch the lunar eclipse, those who are waiting to watch it should know the best and safest time to watch as some precautions are needed to be taken care of because it has effects on our lives, health, and wealth.

There is a Sutak period which generally does not have an effect when the lunar eclipse comes, but at this time the nature is very sensitive and chances of inauspicious things are high as compared to another time period.

The day when the Chandra Grahan appears, some precautions are required to be taken care of as old- age people believe that during Chandra Grahan various harmful ultraviolet rays are emitted. On this day everyone should worship God and pray for everyone’s good health and safety, chanting of certain mantras or prayers such as  “Om Namhey Shiva”, “Shri Ganesh Namhey”, “Om Namhey Bhagwate Vasudeva” which blossoms your future life and have some good results, chanting the mantras of its adorable god also gives positive and good results.

Eating and cooking food on this day of lunar eclipse is not suggested good, people should avoid as the ultraviolet rays on the earth make the food and water containment, which is said to be harmful if taken.

This lunar eclipse can have a negative effect on the pregnant women, so they are said to stay at home this day and follow some precautions to take care of them as well of their child, they should not a t all see the lunar eclipse as it will be a bad effect on the child, it can cause problems on skin, eyes, and hormones.

People should keep tulsi and dura leaves at their home for the safety from the rays emitted on the earth, any bad deeds done on this day will be lead to harmful future life, so avoid indulging into any wrong deeds or things, sleeping at the time of the lunar eclipse is said to be the bad and is like awaking a devil.

Spreading positivity at home will prove to be an auspicious lunar eclipse for you, so try to avoid and take precautions. The term Grahan means some negative and harmful effects on living and non- living things, so on this day everyone is suggested to avoid certain things and stay at home apart from celestial importance, the lunar eclipse is also known for its astrological significance as it will have different effects of the livelihood and lives of different Rashi's or zodiac signs as Aries will touch great success and luck on this lunar eclipse day and professional life will enjoy some benefits whereas for Gemini and Aquarius this lunar eclipse can bring some health problems, which is to be taken care of, another zodiac such as Virgo will engage in religious work on this day and receive new job opportunities, cancer will suffer from business losses so not a good effect of lunar eclipse on them the same way zodiac Sagittarius will suffer from health issues and suggested to donate milk or food to Gau Mata on this day will be beneficial.

This Chandra Grahan will also have an effect on the married, love life of couples, non- married woman is required not to look at the Chandra Grahan as it is not a good sign for them and same for the married one, to live a healthy and happy life, stay safe from it and avoid arguments on this day.