Don’t wait for perfection- let’s begin it from now

Don’t wait for perfection- let’s begin it from now


Many people wait for the right time to come as they believe that perfection can only take place when there is the right opportunity. They believe that their opportunity will come their way and will give the way which they have always wanted for.

But let us tell you, there is no right opportunity and there will never be. Until you start working for yourself, there will be no such thing that will ever exist. The reason being that perfection exists only when you strive for it and do not just side back idly and wait for your time to come to you in the future.


Expectations only work when there you give them the way to grow and build into the real path that leads to perfection. However, to grow that path, you need to work hard as not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Struggles are mandatory to achieve perfection. One cannot gain perfection in an hour or a single day.

Time is a walking road that keeps ongoing. It never stops, just like the revolution of the earth. This unique characteristic of time is what makes it that the time waits for none. If you are going to wait for time to come to you, you will not be able to achieve the path of perfection ever.

There are millions and billions of excuses to look away from the roads which require hard work. Often, this comes with the path that most of the individuals choose is that they do not make the people understand the path for the perfection that requires hard work and dedication.

There is no doubt in the point that 100 percent chances of success cannot come to your way or in any one’s way. The winning situation can never be 100 percent until there is an option of failure. And when such people hear the name of the word ‘fail’, they usually step back even before the beginning and in the majority of the cases, they go back after walking for a long mile.


We must not forget that the word FAIL itself means that it is the First Attempt in Learning. Why do we need to take things in a negative sense when there is positivity everywhere?

Making excuses and justifying those excuses is indeed an easy task to go with. There is no doubt that the person who makes this excuse is usually the one who says that they are waiting for the right time to come and are striving for perfection by waiting for the right moment or the right opportunity to come to them.

Such people always look for future opportunities rather than taking up and working on the opportunities that are available to them even in the present. They spend their whole lives while waiting for their experience level to increase or their financial level to increase. But here arises one simple question – can experience come in the life of such a person who does not even know what opportunity to take and when and how to work on it? How can they expect to earn experience when they are not even looking at the opportunities.


Keeping these debatable questions in mind, we will see two types of people in the world just as there are two sides of a coin. One such kind of people is those who wait for the opportunities their entire lives and do not step out of their comfort zone ever to reach their the perfection which they are dreaming of.

On the other hand, if we see, some people are bold enough to stand up in the hard times and defy this big superstition that the right time comes to them. These people step out of their comfort zone and know-how to work for the things that do not require the right time to come but their hard work which makes every time right for them to come to the path of perfection and satisfaction in their future that they have always wished for.

There is no doubt that it is really difficult to start a new thing. For instance, when you start studying after a long time, you feel long to study for 4 hours at a stretch. However, you find such hours extremely easy on the other hand after 3 to 4 days or regular following of such structure.

The same situation gets matched in this scenario as well. It gets pretty fit with this circumstance. There is a part of every human being which holds them back from stepping out of their comfort zone because no one dislikes comfort.


Those people who can break this chain of laziness and comfort zone, dare to come out to the real world and step into it to make a place with a solid or you can pretty deep background of the perfection.

The people who can defeat their negative side of themselves are those who are passionate and willing enough to achieve their goals. These people do not get diverted by the laziness or do not remain in the mirage of doing things with full confidence and hard work.

Such people know how to differentiate between the right and the wrong to make sure that they are right enough to start from the particular delay itself, without relying upon and leaving the work tomorrow. They believe that relying on tomorrow for completing their work would mean the Shiv Ji’s tomorrow which never came for Ganesha to see the days of his marriage.

There is no time when one can start as to when the person beholds the resolution to do something, there are no boundaries for its perfection. The people who dare to do something always believe that there are no boundaries for them as they cannot expect any limit if there are footprints on the moon.

You need to get through the part that Life has no limitations for any action you take except for the one which you believe it to be existing.