Does The Kundali Matching Have A Significant Role In This World Of Science?

Does The Kundali Matching Have A Significant Role In This World Of Science?

The process of Kundali matching is very vital before a wedding and this process is followed since ancient times. It plays an important role in bringing two compatible candidates together. It helps two people to have a successful marriage life.The Kundalis in the Kundali matching is called as the birth charts of the bride and the groom.

The Kundali has all the details of planets at the time of the birth of the bride and groom. The planets keep moving in the universe so are its positions in the birth charts.

It is a known fact that the high moon changes the mood in the atmosphere because it produces different vibrations and gravitational pull. It affects weak brains and people with chronic diseases.

The Kundali matching will help to analyze the significant impact of the planets in the person’s life. The positions of the planets affect people differently depending on their birth time and location.

Kundali matching is done to see if the planets can be suitable for each other. The Science behind the Kundali matching gives various logical reasons to explain the necessity of Kundali matching.
The Kundali matching involves the birth charts. It is scientifically proved that people’s behavior and personality traits vary depending on the time and the location of their birth. So in the process of Kundali matching, the birth charts are clearly read. The birth charts are drawn in segments and divisions indicating various positions of planets.

The birth charts will let the astrologer grasp the basic knowledge about the people. The Kundali matching will take every time aspect of the groom and bride and will be matched. The Kundali matching checks if the personality traits sync between the two potential partners. According to the Vedic astrology, there is no point of bringing two people who are equally dominant and stubborn in their life. they will only spoil their marriage life by trying to rub their dominance on each other. In the case of two partners who are shy and insecure about each other, they will just have a suspicious marriage life.

Kundali matching will help to get two partners who can create balance in every emotion and personality trait. The Science says two partners can be successful together only when they can adjust and necessary compromises. But not everyone has the nature of sacrificing. The Kundali matching will help to get two partners where one can sacrifice and the other can be stubborn.

The understanding between two people can be balanced only when their personality traits sync or complement each other. Random marriages that are done without the Kundali matching can be disastrous at times. They will not understand the consequences of the future and the partners may not sync in their choices of lifestyle. There will be a tremendous clash in opinions and thoughts.


Advantages of Kundali matching:

The Kundali matching is followed for generations. It is promised to bring two compatible partners together. the Science analyses the groom and the bride and gives an insight into their marriage life. this can prepare them mentally for their life together. The compatibility can be properly analyzed with the help of Kundali matching. The sync of the likes and dislikes can help them find common ground and bond more. The physical and mental bonding can be measured with just their characteristics. The mental preparation can be done with the help of the Kundali matching. In any case of an evil eye or any hindrance, they can do any remedial poojas or prayers that can help them have a successful marriage.


Disadvantages of Kundali matching:

Firstly, the astrologer needs to be knowledgeable enough to make the right calculations and give the right result. Sometimes the astrologer can make the readings of Kundali matching wrong and ruin a wedding. The dilemma of the readings to be right or wrong can be disturbing. The Kundali matching can get on people’s insecurities and emotions. in the case of love marriages, the astrologer claims the marriage will fail even though it might not be true, it will get on their insecurities. The marriage which could be saved by motivation could be spoiled by just random astrology predictions.
There are many scientific reasons behind the necessity of the Kundali matching process as it helps to a great deal. But relying entirely on the Kundali matching process to lead a healthy married life is wrong. Believing the Kundali matching to some extent is valid.