When the fool card does appear in your Tarot card readings, you would be worried and unsure if the card will bring you good news or will it carry the opposite of what it is meant to be.  but the fool card in tarot card readings actually signify freedom, originality, adventure, travel, new beginnings, lack of commitment and so much more. It does not really mean that you as an individual are foolish, or you as an individual lack intelligence.  

So, what does it mean when you have the fool card in your tarot card readings,

and before we dive into this, we need to know what does it usually signify singularly as a card itself. 

The card number of the fool card is zero and it is the first card of the Major Arcana in the tarot. The fool as a card usually is a positive card when it is upright, and it usually means new beginnings that will turn your life for the better. It signifies the start of a new adventure. Something that will bring you happiness and positivity in your life. This card could even signify a new adventure, something that will take you on a new journey and it will help you grow as a person, as an individual, and you will get the experience that you need in order to be a much better and improved version of yourself. The fool card is considered to be a positive card, and is usually welcomed in every tarot card reading.  

The fool card in spirituality card readings.  

The fool card in tarot card readings means that you will be about to start a new journey when it comes to spirituality, and it will give you the boost to find and discover things which will amaze you. You are new to the whole concept and that brings you happiness and makes you enjoy what you are learning and doing. While you may be enjoying what you are learning, many from your circle will not be able to understand how important it is for you, and what your spiritual journey means to you. But you do you, and follow where your heart leads you.  

The fool card in love and relationship card readings.  

The fool card in the love and relationship card readings is fun and exciting. It signifies that you as an individual are so madly in love that you can barely contain it, and you have the urge for the whole world to know. But you will have to make sure that you analyze your partner’s behavior or the context of your question, because this card could also mean lack of commitment from your partner's side or even yours. It all depends on what troubles you, and what exactly was your question.  

The fool card when it comes to financial card readings.  

The fool card in financial card readings indicates that opportunities are going to come in your way, especially when it comes to your career, so beware and scoop in all the opportunities that are presented to you. It could also indicate new beginnings and if you have been thinking about leaving your job and following your passion or just starting a new business, this may be the right time to go for it. Remember that this card also indicates advancement in your career path, and financially, it also indicates that you will be making more money from what you enjoy doing than from what you do not enjoy doing and are in it just because its job security. It could also mean that you will be getting assigned work projects and there are chances that you will even be leading the project because of the fresh and innovative ideas you bring to the room. 

The fool card when it comes to health card readings. 

The fool card in tarot card reading indicate that it will be a good time to take up fitness just to make sure that you are maintaining your body. It means that you will be having the energy and the vitality to be fit and just be the best version of yourself, both mentally and physically.