Does karma destiny really mean the same?

Does karma destiny really mean the same?

Let's clear the confusion 

  You might have heard these terminologies karma destiny or you might have heard about fate as well.

All these terminologies get used up multiple times and all the time they mean completely different depending upon the context in which they have been used.

So, before you read anything about karma destiny, we would like to clear the confusion which gets created inevitably due to the improper and inaccurate use of these words.  


A simple definition of fate  

Fate is something which is extremely difficult for anyone to explain all to even put it in words.

The main reason behind that inability which we face is the lack of a well-defined and a well-structured language that can help us communicate the real meaning of life with everyone.  

Fate is something which is not in your control no matter how hard you try to control that.

Fate is something which is inevitable it is something that you have to face no matter what happens to you in your life moreover fate can never be changed and the whole idea of fate originates with the concept of a power or a superpower which many people call as God.

Karma Destiny and fate are going to exist even if you are an atheist that power will have an influence on you because the influence which that power has is not dependent on your assumptions or your beliefs or on your models of understanding, rather the fact that you believe in God or the fact that you don't believe in God is equally irrelevant when it comes to fate.  


How is destiny different than fate?  

That you know what is a simple definition of fate or you at least know or have an idea about what fate is. this might leave you with one question that how is destiny different than fate or what is the difference between both these terms and the difference is very simple destiny is something which will tell you about the events that you as a person are going to experience or the events which you have to face in your life as you move ahead with respect to time destiny has got nothing to do with fate destiny we'll just tell you about the event or the experiences which you are about to experience as you move ahead and as you move further in your life.

Though there is some connection between Karma destiny and fate.  

There are many religions that talk about destiny in a very different perspective and that perspective is that the God is the only one who knows what is going to happen in your life and he is the one who has sent you in this materialistic world with some motive because he has already decided what you are going to face in this life and he has only sent you in this materialistic world to test you whether you pass this test or you fail.   


If you are a Hindu karma destiny is the same thing! 

Hinduism is the only religion that does not differentiate between karma and destiny rather karma destiny shares a very similar meaning as long as Hinduism is the religion we are talking about.  

But to understand this in a clearer way you need to have a proper understanding of what karma is before we even conclude the fact that karma destiny is the same or the meaning which they convey is the same.  


Understanding karma in a better way  

Karma is something which you as a person keep doing since the day you are born. at the same time, you should not be ignoring the fact that you are born with some karma and the karma which you have done in your previous life is the outcome that you have been born as a human or you have got an opportunity to take this life in the form of a human being because this is the only time and the only opportunity which you have to get out of the life and the death cycle which you are a part of.

As we have discussed a lot about destiny, we would like to tell you what karma means with respect to what we have discussed in the case of destiny. destiny can be called as a subset of karma because karma is a bigger set than destiny.

The definition we discussed for destiny can be valid for karma but that won't be a complete definition because destiny is the subset and not the entire set and to fill the world, we will tell you what more things you need to know so that you get no clear understanding of what karma is.  

Karma has the power to change your future because the actions which you take will have a significant amount of effect on your future which is the biggest difference between karma destiny and fate.