Do You Know What is Shani Mahadasha

Do You Know What is Shani Mahadasha



Every morning when we flip through the pages of a newspaper and to check our horoscope a few simple do’s and don’ts worded beside the zodiac sign we belong to gives a very surface idea to the actually dilemma that is an astrological reading. It consists of several layers that require a depth of understanding and a will to believe. The most complicated version of astrology is studied in sidereal astrology or the position and working of the planets whose earliest records have been documented in Vedic astrology extracted from which are the concept of Graha Dasha, Kundli [birth chart], the field of consciousness or the houses. One such important concept is Mahadasha. Dasha is when a particular planet rules the astrological chart of an individual and Mahadasha is the auspicious time of an individual’s life.





Every 120 years, the individual faces an influence of the nine planets or the Navagraha including Rahu and its body Ketu. Though Graha can bring a lot of negativity in a person’s life if we are under the effect a positive planet which subtracts the idea of the adverse celestial bodies like Rahu and Ketu. Hence Mahadasha has the authority to create Yogas[well being] or Doshas [mistakes] and alter many consequences.




Shani who is signified by the cosmic planet Saturn with the unique ring around it is also the most intimidating planet and feared by most mortal beings for its adverse effects on human life if it intrudes in the astrological prediction of the chart reading. Though Saturn has often considered malefic it is also imperative to note that Saturn god is the deity of karma and its malevolent nature is to contradict the wrongdoings of an individual by destiny punishing it through its own way. But because of this mortal fear Shani has always put in a pedestal and worshipped, even certain mantras are there which are chanted for diminishing the calamity of Shani. Shani Dasha is a period of time where the influence of Shani is the highest on an individual’s life, the positivity and negativity depend on the houses it is affecting. If the factors fall under house 8 it can have the most adverse effect on the individual but if the house determined is 11 the consequences could be pretty opposite.




Under the Saturn Mahadasha which might last for a course of one year, a person will endeavour a favourable number of highs if taken care of certain aspects. The benevolent outcomes of Shani mahadasha are as follows:

·       During Shani Mahadasha one may acquire success over professions like politicians, as it is considered a good planet influence for them, they can gain leadership over villages, cities and even countries.

·       Faith in god and may help in accessing better outcomes.

·       An individual might bring name, fame and popularity in the family.

·       There might be noticed a sudden increase in happiness and fame.

·       Assets of comfort like vehicles, house properties might be obtained.

·       Sympathy in mind will increase that will help one being compassionate and this can increase the fame in the social field.

The negatives effects of Shani should also be highlighted when speaking of Mahadasha. Some of the adverse effects that can be faced by an individual are :

·       Clashes with friends and relatives may constrain the social reach among the known people.

·       Loss of wealth from certain houses mainly professional field.

·       Health issues related to kidney and also mental stress might increase among people with the fear of heights.


When talked about adversity the solution should also be discussed, with that being said chanting a the Shani mantra in Sanskrit

Nilanjana sama bhasam raviputram yama grajam II chhaya martanda sambhootam tam namami shanaishcharam II”


It can actually make wonders. This mantra has to be repeated with a very clear mindset and purity of heart and body, it is imperative to learn that until and unless chanted from a saint heart the mantra will not work. After taking the morning bath one must sit on a peaceful place which will not allow distraction and the mantra have to be chanted 108 after picturizing the figure of lord Shani and his majestic frame of the almighty. The best results will be obtained if the mantra is chanted 23,000 in the full course of Shani Dasha to quicken the result. Moreover chanting the mantras doesn’t only help you cope up with the difficult time but also gives you a sense of calmness and serenity as it is also a form of meditation.