Human life on earth is never too stable, mankind has faced immense positivity and extreme hardships simultaneously in life. These periods have always called for a light of optimism that can provide hope to humanity and since the beginning of time worshiping divine heavenly deities have inured the positivity among devotees in times of despair. There are 33crore[330 million] god and goddess recorded in the mythological accounts and each of them has a significant purpose to fulfil to their pure-hearted devotees. Among Hindu culture, it is popularly believed that almighty holds all the answers to millions of devotees gather around their magnificent idols to pray for them to show the correct path of living.





Diwali is probably the biggest festival in India celebrated not just in every remote corner of the country but even parts of the world with Indian residency. It is celebrated in the lunisolar month between Ashvina and Kartika which falls between the time zone of mid-October to November in the English calendar. It continues for the time span on five days and is considered as the most popular festival of Hinduism. As every god and goddess has a distinguished significance of blessing showered on their devotees the celebration of Diwali also comes in variation for every devotee. In some parts of India specially the northern part it is gloried as the auspicious time to worship goddess Lakshmi while in other places it is celebrated as righteousness over malice where mythology witness the defeat of Ravana on the hands of the lord Rama to free his wife goddess Sita, huge effigies of Ravana are burnt to symbolize the victory. The western part of India especially West Bengal and Assam beholds the worship of goddess Kali.


Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit term Deepavali which roughly translates as “row of light”. In this auspicious time of the year devotees dress mother India with millions of diyas emitting fire and bright lights covering the streets and houses to embark the achievement of Light over Dark. Devotees after worshipping their goddess of wealth Lakshmi blaze firecrackers.




Popularly considered Diwali is the ultimate victory of positivity and hope over atrocious energies that manifest to bring mankind down and the belief among devotees that no matter how dark period they go there is always light at the end. Through the festivity and prayers devotees pay homage to Rama the seventh avatar of Vishnu of his victory over Ravana and this is also the day when he brings back his beloved wife Sita from the captivity of the demon king.


Goddess Sita is also worshipped on the auspicious occasion but in a different form. The arrival of Goddess Lakshmi is also embarked on this day, Lakshmi is the form of Sita herself. Lakshmi is worshipped on this day for her blessings to always be showered on the wealth of the family of the devotees and so that their wealth could be always be protected from any hindrance or evil eye that can jinx it. Along with celebrating the triumph devotees also indulge in the worship of  Rama and Sita along with Hanuman to protect the house from any malicious energy.


In the eastern part of India like Kolkata, Kali puja is celebrated among Bengali devotees as goddess kali is seen as an idol to diminish evil not just from the face of the earth but also internally from within a person’s the soul and delivers them from sinful thoughts. Blessing of goddess Kali also brings wealth, happiness and peace in the life of the devotees.





The auspicious occasion falls on November 14, 2020, it is mid of month Kartika. Like every year this year will also witness thousands of devotees engaging themselves in worshipping their significant god and goddess but whether its goddess Lakshmi, the wealth goddess or goddess Kali the on delivering us from evil or a celebration of Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana it is imperative that families will indulge themselves in the utmost festivity with enthusiasm where they spend time with their close ones, gift presents and consume delicious Diwali cuisine. Kids bursting their favorite firecrackers and adults amalgamating in the fun