Diving into the Heart of an Aries Man

Diving into the Heart of an Aries Man

The personality of an Aries is best understood by their position on top of all the zodiacs. Aries, like it's rank, is always on the go to be on the top, in every sector of life.

Aries is the first astrological sign in the realm of zodiacs and comes under the element of fire. Just like fire, Aries is fierce and strong. However, Aries is known for their temper tantrums and just like the fire, the rage is often difficult to put out.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Born between the 20th of March and the 19th of April, Aries people are known to be passionate, driven, and motivated.

They are represented by the symbol of the Ram and are known to be great leaders. They also have a cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Well, these are all I have to say about the general traits of an Aries born.

But, what about the Aries man? Does he have a few other traits that are special to him? Let's find out! 


Traits of an Aries Man 


Work ethics- 

The personality of an Aries man shows many shifts while they work. They never like to be dull and boring and this applies to their work too. Aries men will always take the risk of trying out something new and in this way can grab opportunities, most others miss out. When it comes to work, Aries men are empathetic and enthusiastic.

As stated earlier, they are born leaders and can make others work in harmony with each other. They only believe in being straightforward in terms of work, and people who are not, are easily hated by them.

Although they take others' pieces of advice, they always believe in themselves more and do what they want to, the way they want to.  


In love- 

Aries men do fall very deeply in love but always need their partners to respect their private space. They are a good balance of both sensitivity and toughness. They always prefer straight approaches and look for people who like interacting. If you are looking forward to dating an Aries man, just be brutally honest with them cause they hate lies.

An Aries man is also extremely loyal and caring. However, these extremes come in both ways. An Aries man's temper is quick to fuse so you must know how to deal with it.

Generally, they quickly calm down if the other person doesn't interrupt them in between but if they do, brace yourself for the impact! 


Aries man compatibility with other signs- 

Aries is a fire sign and as fire matches well with fire, they match well with their fellow fire signs - Sagittarius and Leo. However, Aries is the most compatible with both Aquarius and Gemini.

This is because both these signs are conversationalists and highly informative, traits that are capable of keeping an Aries man attracted towards them. Another good match for an Aries man is Libra.

Aries does not do well however with a Scorpion or a Taurus. Water signs are not that good a match for Aries as water takes charge over fire and Aries is known for their desire to be on the top. 



An Aries man is also very spontaneous and loves an adventure or two. He is the perfect boost of energy needed for your mundane Soul on a bad day. Aries has a natural entertaining charm and can boost your mood whenever you are down. You will definitely enjoy yourself being with an Aries. There actually is never a dull moment with him.

Also, an Aries is always very competitive and looks towards winning things. Thus, if his goal is you, be assured to be showered with effects of love and affection to desperately get into your heart. 

 Thus, if you ever want to untangle the pieces to an Aries man's heart, feel free to be rewarded richly as you embark on a fun, adventurous, meaningful and enthusiastic journey in the strong and protective arms of an Aries man.

All you need to do is respect his private space, know his worth, deal with his tantrums effectively, and make life worth living. If you do, you will see, it's all worth it