DIVING INTO THE COSMIC - Sign of the Stars

DIVING INTO THE COSMIC - Sign of the Stars

Shakespeare once said - what's in the name but there might be times where we cannot apply this quote. Zodiac. As the name suggests, it is an area of the sky within which all the planets and their movements are confined. One can track down each path associated with every planet.

The dictionary says that Zodiac is a cycle involving small animals, which are the twelve signs in this case and Each sign, Each name has its variations as well as specialty. Astrology divides the Zodiacs into twelve signs. Signs that carry life as well as life decisions, have the power to mold and demolish. Those twelve signs are the same as what we call them - Rashi (Hindi) and Zodiac (English). These are - Aries Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,  Aquarius, and Pisces.

It is interesting to note that each sign has been named after some constellation. We know when we speak of zodiac signs, they hold captive of expressions, so they are a portrayal of some characteristics of a person who has that birth sign. They can be used to predict or foreshadow what's about to happen and that's no miracle, for one's actions predict the consequences that follow.



The sign that we are going to ponder upon today is Aries, The first sign in the astrological saga also called Ram (sheep). Aries has been reported to be associated with the element fire. Although not being the only fire sign, it has Sagittarius and Leo in line as well. All the signs have been assigned a ruling planet that governs every transit and situation. For Aries, The ruling planet is Mars. The connection here is evident enough because mars rules fire and Aries is linked to the fire element. Every sign has a given period and according to astrology, you possess a specific star sign if you are born within that period. The Aries period lies from March 20 to April 19 and the people who are born during this can also be called 'Arians'. Some of the renowned people who are Arians are - Emma Watson, Robert Downey, Lady gaga, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. The beginnings of this sign are always known to be extremely positive.



The characteristics that an Arian depicts are intriguing as well as impactful. They are leaders, the ones who are strong and sorted enough to draw a pavement so that others can walk down the same road too. Born with an optimistic mindset and a charismatic personality, they intend to speak their heart out and hence are outspoken.

They measure and have an idea, an indication of what to say and what not to. It can be hard to ignore such people because they are eye-catchy and the qualities they possess are not the typical usual qualities of an old-school person. Arians are flexible and in a way, hell-bent to be on top. In times when they have to be a chooser, they don't think much before taking risks or going to the extent of something to find unattainable things. 

They are not the people who do things just for some silly sake, they are extremely passionate about their hobbies. Arians are most likely to be resistant to pressure because instead of getting pressurized, they thrive on it. The mind they possess is an open book, I would not say that they are not secretive but are frank to a bigger level. Also, they are short-tempered. Now it is obvious enough as Fire is something that burns the insides as well as outsides so

A person belonging to this strata can be on fumes very easily. The love stories that emerge here can be disheartening at times. An Arian can detect the sparks for a potential partner and they can go to any limit to want that person. But as they say, sparks don't last long hence the connections that they forge are not long-lasting at times. Adamant, Attractive, and Assertive, they make an excellent company but as far as their counsel is concerned, they love to fly solo. They have that capability of fighting against the odds and working hard, and the latter doesn't go in vain.

With the characteristics, certain tips ensure that the person improves daily and his planets remain balanced. For an Arian, the weapon of surprise is Iron. Therefore an iron-rich diet is always prescribed to them.  The most important field in which some work is needed is Anger Management whether it is obtained by exercising or meditating daily or learning to sit back and relax.

Nothing in the world can challenge these people as they say- Our heart is not a home for cowards