Dive Into The Positivity Vibes Within

Dive Into The Positivity Vibes Within

The energy of our house plays an important role in our life; it is believed that the way we feel throughout the day depends on the vibe that our house emits. It is very rightly said that we attract what we feel. So the best way to avoid negative energy from entering our homes is to think and stay positive.

Another great way to avoid any kind of negative energy from entering our homes is the traditional ritual of “Feng Shui”. It has been in practice since ages and has proved to be highly effective, here are a few techniques from the Feng Shui which can help you keep away all negative energy at bay.

Go Clutter-free

It won’t be wrong to say that cleaning is therapeutic; it is the best way to de-stress. Another added benefit of cleaning out the clutter at your home is it keeps all negative energy away. Objects are said to have their own energy and these energies affect your life. Depending on the energy, it may lead to obstacles or hindrances in your way.

Learned men say that we should only keep the objects that we need and throw away all unwanted items so that the vibe of the homestays calm and positive. Keep the stuff that brings you joy and throw the rest away.

No mirrors in the bedroom

Feng Shui masters advise that you should never keep a mirror in your bedroom. They are said to hamper the emotional health of the people staying in the room. It is believed that mirrors double the energy in the room, now which may sound good but just imagine if there is negative energy in the room, having a mirror would double your troubles.

It is said that it brings in more loneliness for singles, and brings more people in the room if you are a couple. It is not a hidden fact, that when we go to bed we have the emotional baggage of the entire day, so having a mirror would mean that during the night, this energy will double. So even if you can’t remove the mirror, be sure to cover it during the night.

This is also the reason why we should not keep TV’s in our bedroom because the screen of the TV acts as a mirror.

No sharp plants and objects

You should never place any sharp leaved plants or objects in your bedroom, workspace, or at the entrance of your house because they attract negative energy into the house. Replace such plants with round-leaved plants.

It is also good for the vibe of your house if you store all knives or sharp-edged objects in cabinets, don’t let them lying around. Firstly they could hurt someone, secondly, it spreads negativity.


Repair or Remove

Just follow the rule of “Repair or Remove” for all broken objects at home. It is very simple if it can be repaired, so it right away, keeping broken objects at home is one of the biggest sources of negative energy. If it cannot be repaired, then remove it.

Feng Shui masters say that broken objects retain negative energy, so the longer you keep them at home, the more will the negativity spread in your home. Keeping your objects clean and well maintained will not only bring in positivity but also improve your mood.

Burn incense

The burning of incense helps uplift the energy of the house and bring in calm and peace. It helps during meditation and helps concentrate better plus it smells amazing, so instead of spending money on those expensive room fresheners, invest in some good smelling incense sticks and enjoy the A sense of calm and beautiful fragrance.

Keep your windows open

Let that air in! It not only fills the house with fresh air but acts as a way out for all the negative energy. It cleanses the aura of the house and fills it with the goodness of nature. It is recommended to let fresh air in at least once in a day.

The light that Sage up

This is a very old Native American technique of cleansing the house. People light up the sage and then blow out the flame, the smoke of the sage cleans the air, it helps get rid of any impurities present. The correct way to burn sage is to start at the entrance and gradually move to the rooms in a clockwise direction


It is no secret that many crystals possess healing powers and positive energy, so it is advised to keep crystals at different locations in your home. Black Tourmaline is said to be the crystal to remove negative energy and Rose Quartz is the best for replacing any negativity with positive vibes. You can get the maximum benefits from these crystals if you place them near an electronic appliance.

Time to change things

Many people fear change, but in reality, a few changes in the structure of a room can actually bring in more positivity. The best way to lighten or freshen up a room is to just rearrange the furniture, it can as simple as adding a vase or switching the place of two chairs. This rearrangement gives the room a fresh look and brings in a positive vibe.

Do I smell oranges?

The fragrance of oranges not only rejuvenates your mood but acts as an excellent way of getting rid of all negative vibes. It is great at uplifting the mood and senses of all the people living in the house. All you need to do is add a few drops of orange essential oil to water and spray it around the house. Voila! You have a fresh smelling, negativity free house.

Ring, ring

No matter annoying it feels, when the doorbell rings at the wrong time, it is actually very good for the house. Specific tones of the bell repel negative energy and attract positive vibes. So next time someone rings the doorbell as soon as you got in bed, don’t curse them!