Discovering the fire in Sagittarius element

Discovering the fire in Sagittarius element

Sagittarius is one of 3 fire elements of the Zodiac (Leo and Aries are the other 2). Being born under a fire element has crucial impacts on different parts of the Sagittarius, from interests to personality, to possible wellbeing problems, and more.


If you were born under this sun symbol of Sagittarius, it implies you were conceived between 22nd November to 21st December. Sagittarius is the last fire element of the Zodiac sign, and the symbol is likewise one of 4 mutable symbols (alongside Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces).

The blend of mutability and fire shares many of Sagittarius's special characteristics. Since Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, it implies that the fire qualities in Sagittarius flow spread, and transform. This records Sagittarius's notorious hunger for new adventures and journeys of an experience and constant quest for new ideas and knowledge. The fire sign can communicate in both positive and negative manners in Sagittarius, and it is totally up to the person to figure out how to function with her or his fiery personality so that this powerful and often warm energy can communicate itself constructively and positively.


Sagittarius means a truth seeker. The fire sign drives these qualities, and you will usually discover Sagittarius has a want to find new things and a blazing adoration for transit and posses fresh experiences. Since the fire consumes extremely brightly in Sagittarius, you might discover them pursuing philosophical quests, attempting on new spiritual conviction systems, or scrutinizing the status quo in current belief systems looking for reality.


Impermanent fire makes Sagittarius go, go, go, which can influence her or his wellbeing in various manners:

Adrenal Fatigue

The fire that consumes too splendidly every time can lead to fatigue of the adrenal organs, which are compelled to pump out adrenaline every time to assist in maintaining Sagittarius's passionate quest for adventure and truth. Sagittarius can handle this by ensuring he takes enough downtime and discovering a couple of meditative or relaxing pursuits to engage in too. Utilizing calming spices, for example, consuming chamomile green tea, can likewise assist with this potential medical problem.

GERD and Ulcers

Excessive fire lopsided by different elements in Sagittarius can likewise cause burning problems in the body, for example, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or ulcers. These problems can be balanced by bringing air, water, and earth component balance via cool foods or eating watery and diet, for example, melon or cucumber, as well as staying away from spicy foods including red/green chili peppers, to balance the excessive fire force.


Also, extreme fire can lead to aggravation in an unbalanced Sagittarius. Due to this, Sagittarians who are vigorously imbalanced might have inflammatory conditions, for example, heart disease or autoimmune disease. Likewise with other wellbeing conditions, looking for balance via calming herbs, diet, meditative practices, and energy healing can assist with aggravation and bring the Sagittarius back to balance


While like usually attracts like, excessive fire can be a flammable match concerning Sagittarius's love connections. Although the similarities in characteristics between other fire elements (Aries and Leo) and Sagittarius can turn them a great match for Sagittarius when the fire component is in balance in 2 accomplices. The air component of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius might make even amazing matches for Sagittarius since air powers fire, with cardinal air Libra possessing the edge over changeable fixed Aquarius or Gemini. Earth and water components might still discover compatibility with Sagittarius, but these bonds will need more compromise and work because water can extinguish the fire, and earth components might be too slow-moving and grounded for the inconsistent Sagittarius.


When in balance, the fire sign can be a superpower for Sagittarius. But Sagittarians are required to recall that while they consume splendidly, downtime is significant to form balance. Also, Sagittarius is required to make allowances for other components' more pragmatic or methodical ways to life to let their energy become overbearing or impatient. By looking for balance and determining how optimistic qualities can turn pessimistic, Sagittarius can benefit as much as possible from their red hot credits.