Sleep is an integral part of your life and it is very relaxing to jump in bed after a long day. However, at the same it the most frustrating thing is spending an uncomfortable night without good sleep, especially when you have a long day ahead of you.

Therefore, in order to keep yourself healthy, you should work a lot towards improving your sleep. With sleep comes balance in your life. If your sleep is bad, then this, in turn, will affect your work as well as your relationship status.

You won’t be able to put in your best if you don’t get a goodnight’s sleep. According to astrology, sleep is linked to the zodiac sign Pisces. It can also be associated with the planet Mercury, the Moon and the 12th house of the zodiac.

Role of Sun and Sleep:

If you want to study the link between sleep and astrology, then you are advised to study the Sun. There are twelve houses in total and Sun is likely to spend approximately two hours in every house.

Each house of the zodiac has a different meaning associated with sleep. The fourth house is responsible for the subconscious. Since Sun invades this house in the evening, you are likely to feel sleepy at that particular time.

With night approaching, the Sun will go to the third house, making you feel very restless. The sinking of the sun also affects your sleep pattern.

Light of the Moon and Sleep:

Moon and the tides rising in the ocean have a deep link along with crop growth and periods in women.

According to astrology, Moon brings with it grief from the past in order to heal you and make you ready to adopt new experiences in life. All this can mess with your emotions and hence affect your sleep.

You will find it difficult to sleep and might keep turning in your bed. Try to welcome the light of full-Moon in your life and try to work on your relationship with your sleep.

Role of the Planet Pluto:

Pluto is known to deal with the transformative properties related to the soul as well as your inner self. Due to the connection with such deep traits within humans, it is known to have some connection with sleep particularly the space of your dream.

Depending on the placement of Pluto in your chart and any possibility of it having astrological implications in your life can help you interpret the reason for your nightmares and dreams. 

Zodiacs signs and their sleep patterns:

Depending on your star your sleep patterns might also differ from person to person. Each zodiac has a different requirement of sleep.

Aries might need a lot of sleep due to their headache issues as they are prone to migraines. Taurus might require a lesser amount of sleep than Aries, but they have the capability of sleeping the entire day.

Geminis might take short sleep breaks from time to time to be more efficient in their activities and their work. Cancerians are very lazy and or known to be emotional, so whenever they are sad their go-to cure is to crawl into bed.

Leos sleep like kings but they are very quick in re-energizing so it depends on them on how much sleep is required. Virgos being the perfectionist always follow the same in their sleep schedule as well and make sure to get an 8-hour rest without fail.

Librans are balanced in every matter and so is their sleep schedule as well, they require a moderate amount of sleep. Scorpios are known for being wavy and unpredictable so there is no particular sleep pattern they follow, they deal with it as it comes.

Sagittarius has a nature very fluid-like and it is the same when it comes to sleeping as well, they can sleep anytime anywhere. Capricorns need luxurious and comfortable space to sleep soundly after all the hard work they’ve done at their workplace.

Aquarius is not very sleep inclined it’s just how much they require. Due to such active nature, they possess they are likely to be early risers. Lastly, the water element Pisces cater to their sleep as and how their mood is.