Psychic numbers play an important role in everybody’s life. We believe that there is no one out there who does not want to know about his or her future. Everyone is curious about their future and wants to know what is going to happen with them. Well, this is what the psychic numbers do. Just like the Vedic astrology and all the other astrology plays a vital role in telling the future of the people, the Psychic number is also a method to know about the future things so that one can know about its future things such as married life, enjoyment, hardships, happiness, harmony, struggles, hardships and so on. 

The psychic numbers are very easy to interpret and calculate. They are not based on several factors like place of birth, time of birth, the name, the zodiacs, the houses, the planets, and so on. What the psychic numbers are concerned with is just the date of birth. However, by date of birth, they do not try to steal out other information or dig out things like if the date is this, then the zodiac will be this, and so on. The only thing for which they want the date of birth is to perform some simple calculations and find out the most appropriate psychic number for them. 

For instance, if someone’s date of birth is 19.11.1992, then all the digits will get added till a single digit is carved out and the result will be defined as the psychic number for that person. To explain this, let us understand the above example. What we will do is to add all the digits until the result is one singular digit. So, the process will be as follows:

1 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2.

When we add all these digits, what we will get is a 2 digit number as the sum, which will be 33. Now, since we require an only one-digit number, we will further add this up, and it will become one singular digit. So, the second process will be as follows: 

3 + 3

Now, this will add up and the sum will be 6. Now, the person whose birth date is 19. 11. 1992, the psychic number for him will be 6. 

Similarly, let us take another example. Suppose, a person has his or her birth date as 29.09.1999, then we will follow the same steps again as mentioned above. Here, let us follow the same steps again, which will go like: 

2 + 9 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9

Now, summing up all these, we will get the sum which will be 48. Now, we will further split it up and add this again. In the second step, the sum will be as follows:

4 + 8

Now, the sum will be 12 again. In this case, we are getting two digits for the third time. Under this situation now, we will keep this in mind that we have to repeat this process, till we get the single digit. So, now, the sum for the digits 1 + 2 will be 3. And, thus, the psychic number for the person, whose birth date is 29. 09. 1999, will be 3. This is how the system of Psychic number works and these psychic numbers determine a lot about the person, their age, their basic nature, their characteristics, their personality, their relationships, their success rate in life, their strengths, their weaknesses, their struggles and so many other things which are required to know or a person wants to know in his or her life. 


While there are many similarities between a psychic number and a life path number, there are differences as well. The most common difference which tells us how the two things are different or what are their basic things which make these two things under the same umbrella of numerology is that the psychic numbers add the date, month and year altogether while the life path number divides the number and then adds their sum together. To understand it with formula, we can go like the Psychic numerology goes for (A+ B+ C = SUM) while the life path number follows this formula: (sum of A + sum of B+ sum of C = total sum). 

To go for this instance, let us take an example. Suppose, the birth date of a person is 5 April 1986. So, what we are going to do here is to determine each number separately. Since a date is a singular number and a month is a singular number as well, we do not need to add these two numbers separately. However, we have to add the year as it is a 4 digit number and we need to add it till it gets up to the mark of a single-digit number. So, if we add these 4 digits, the process will get followed like this : 

1+ 9 + 8 + 6.

The sum which we will get will be 24. Now, it is still a two-digit number. Therefore, we need to add these two digits further. So, the process will go like this:

2 + 4

Now, the outcome which will come is 6. Therefore, the life destiny number will be 6. So, this is how the life path number and the psychic number is entirely different. Therefore, both numbers determine a person’s details. 

Some common details such as the individual’s intimate life, his or her love life, the relationships, their marriage life, their educational achievements, their practical achievements, their children’s life, their relations with their family, their characteristic, their strengths, their weaknesses, their shortcomings, their perfections, their harmony in relationships, their struggles, the level of happiness, the major events of their life and so on. 

So, let’s start with your numbers today!!