Kundali matching is one sure short method of matchmaking for all the love birds out there. Living in a country like India we tend to follow the steps of our Vedic astrology at every point in life. Be it fr a person reason, professional reason, or especially for marriage purposes. Our forefathers and ancestors have given this deep-seated notion of kundalis and horoscope matching to our culture so as to give us a happily ever after. Kundalis is not just important for compatibility of a couple about to get married, but they are also needed to keep an eye on the professional front of a particular person, the general life span of a person, hardships, straights, and weaknesses, and a lot more.  Our traditions and customs have taught to adapt this art of kundali matching with all our heart, our parents and our elderly have a long-prevailing need to fix the issues of one’s life by turning towards astrologers or as we say, pandits. The hardships as present in one’s birth charts also known as the doshas are also considered to be quite important to determine so as to rectify these in order to live a life stress-free with joy and love. One of the most important factors of determining the elements from our respective birth charts is the importance and significance of longevity and security of news life. Let us have a look at what determines the life span of a person in the kundali norms. 


We all wish for our long lives and we all wish to live as long as possible, so Vedic astrology has the answers to all these questions. It has the power to sort the issues related to your life span and the methods so as to deal with the same. As we humans have a very inquisitor nature so it gets quite important for us to determine certain ‘secrets’ of our lives through these aspects of astrology. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is the symbol of life span and the 8th house is the one that determines longevity. It is said that a native will have a long life only if your kundali has an auspicious combination of the 8th house, Saturn, Ascendant, and the lord of the ascendant, apart from this, if the 8th house is present along with the auspicious presence of Venus, Jupiter, or Mercury then the person might enjoy a good and long life. 

There are three types of spans one can recognize from: 


If the lord of ascendant and lord of the moon, both are in a movable position, or if one is in a fixed one and the other is in a movable position then it’s purna ayuh. 


if both of them are in dual sign or if one is in fixed and the other one in dual then it is considered as Madhya ayuh. 


If both are in a fixed state or one is on moveable and another in a dual state then short life is inferred. 

Apart from this, as for the planets, If Jupiter is placed in an auspicious in the 8th house then it tends to remove all the doshas in native’s life and long life is inferred for that native. So, basically, if the lord of the moon or the lord of ascendant and Jupiter both are in a strong position in one’s Lagna then the person is considered to have a long life and is safe from the kinds of errors and doshas. 

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