Detailed Insight Into Astrology Predictions

Detailed Insight Into Astrology Predictions

Astrology in layman language means the effect of placement of planets and stars on humans.  

It is how the position of stars, moon, and planets was aligned while an individual was born which determines various factors about the person’s life like qualities, nature, fortune, relationships, etc. 

Astrology believes every situation and event in your life takes place because of the constant movement of the celestial bodies mainly the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune throughout your life span which is why the time to time you face different events, moods, phases in life. 

With help of astrology, one can tend to find answers to the event’s happening with the person. Many people even seek to get answers regarding their future using astrology, it can be clarifying and interesting to have insights and find answers to your feelings, your life events, your every moment. 

This forms a solid base for astrology that when a planet moves across a particular zodiac it initiates a number of events which are triggered, these events shape our lives. 

Placement of planets at the time of birth is very crucial as it is said that it is majorly responsible for out characteristics whether emotional or spiritual 

Varāhamihira a very famous ancient astrologer quotes “There’s no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life” 

Are the predictions true? 

Of Course, there is no solid guarantee that the predictions based on astrology are completely true, science does not support it however it is very similar to having superstitions that do not have any backing but people believe in it because they have come across individuals or heard of stories which makes it believable so same thing applies in case of astrology too there’s no right or wrong but people find it believable as there are future predictions involved also people can verify what their nature is with what astrology predicts plus it a great way to know reasons behind certain things happening in one’s life and also in a manner stay connected to cosmos. 

Hardened scientists will say astrology doesn’t have any solid backing and one shouldn’t believe in it but the amount of people who have their belief in astrology and its predictions is way higher than non-believers of astrology, we have observed astrology columns in newspapers, specifically dedicated programs over news channels, these things wouldn’t have run or been popular if there aren’t any believers of astrology.  

How can one check their astrological predictions? 

There are various ways you could find out about these predictions for yourself like based on your name, based on your birth date, etc.  

The most common one is based on zodiac signs so there are 12 astrological signs these are called zodiac or star signs which are basically zodiacal sign positions of the sun at the time of one’s birth and people are categorized between these based on their date of birth.  

In order, they are - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, each of these star signs have a set range of dates under them and to find out your star sign you need to find which of these star sign falls on your birth date. 

Star signs are one of the most basic things falling under astrology, astrology is a lot more than that too, there’s so much to understand, it is definitely something that gets complex as you move more and more into it. Can you believe besides the sun sign every person also has a moon sign, Venus sign, mars sign, and so on? There’s truly no end to it, you can give your life learning, and talking about it there will be something missed out. 

Another common tool to make predictions is using an individual's birth chart which has all accurate details like date, time, and place of birth and gives a detailed insight into the particular person.  

Every person way of learning about what astrology speaks of them and also every astrologer will have a different way to decode astrological concepts to you which is why you will notice no two predictions are the same word to word though the core of it will impart the same thing but the difference lies based on calculations using different methods, different knowledge levels, etc.  

One thing that astrology speaks largely of is that “sky's the mirror of life happening on the ground” that is all movements that are taking place are somehow reflected down on the ground in each person’s life.