Detailed Insight About Numerology

Detailed Insight About Numerology

Detailed Insight About Numerology 

Are you aware that there’s a study which proves how us being born on a specific date or specific time or relation with every other numeric figure in our life, has an impact on our lives? 

Yes, it’s the study of Numerology, it’s all play of numbers. It is a belief how numbers related to us shape the way our personalities, our well-being, or even the events happening in our lives are. 

It is believed with numerology every numeric figure has a meaning or purpose to it and has a huge hand in shaping an individual's life. It is a great tool for analysis of characteristics of a person and also warns one about future dangers in life. 

Meaning of numbers 

By understanding the numbers, we can find answers to various factors like a person’s behavior or personality or future insights. Some basic calculations can be run by anyone to find out about these things but a knowledgeable numerologist will be able to guide and give a detailed explanation about how the certain numbers related to you have an impact and are the reason behind events happening with you. 

Sun numbers

Just like sun signs that are followed in astrology, numerology follows sun numbers. These numbers are in order to generalize the concept and divide it into groups. The numbers used for this are between one to nine and people are grouped under a particular number based on looking at both the date of your birth and the month of your birth. It puts light on why you were born on a particular day at a particular time.

The sun number is also the driving element of your life, it directly or indirectly shapes your experiences, your reaction and preparedness for changes and obstacles, your attitude, and your personal life cycle in general. 

How is this sun number determined you may ask? Well, the sun number is pretty easy to calculate, it’s simply by adding the numbers of your birthdate that is the date you were born with the month you were born and then bring this value to a single digit by further addition. 

For example, if you were born on 19th October then you do (1+9) + (1+0) that is 10 + 1 which equals 11 further converting to single-digit we do (1+1= 2), so 2 is your sun number. 

Sun number 1:

People with the sun number as one are original and have a creative eye, they present themselves exactly how they are and do not shy from that. They have great preparedness for changes and are stubborn sometimes. 

Sun number 2:

People with this sun number 2 are quite romantic individuals, they also plan every move in their life listing the pros and cons of each step and then coming to decision. 

Sun number 3:

People with sun number 3 are street smart and very innovative, they take advantage of every opportunity coming their way. 

Sun number 4:

These people pay special attention to details and also have a planned systematic approach for everything in life. They take their commitments very seriously and be strong as a rock be it professional front or personal life. 

Sun number 5:

These people are committed and head over heels about their romantic partners. Love is at the core of their nature that is why they are loved by everyone around them deeply.  

Sun number 6:

People of this sun number are everyone’s go-to person, people count on them for everything because they tend to do a lot for everyone. 

Sun number 7:

These are highly extroverted people but also love to be spiritually connected, also great learners, and have the urge to learn and study a lot over the course of their lifetime. 

Sun number 8:

People with sun number 8 like taking charge of things and do not like it if anyone else is given a chance to be the leader in their presence. They also have strong commitment values. 

Sun number 9:

Famous personalities generally tend to have sun number 9 as these are everyone’s favorite and do a lot for people, true idealists in their sense.  


There are various methods of studying numerology but the key understanding lies that by studying numbers one can learn in-depth about the person and life of a person.