While taking a peep into the world of zodiacs one might get to know that, one of the most assertive and passionate of all, is Scorpios. This Zodiac is ruled by Pluto and they are a water sign which always makes them extremely interesting, Scorpios possess a whole lot of leadership qualities and this is what makes them deterred and most passionate of all. They live to express their emotions and their feeling to their partner. Having a sensual and passionate kind of emotion is is their USP. Scorpios dig dee[ into the heart and they have the quality to make you fall in love with them. Apart from this, they are extremely mysterious and adventurous in general and with their partner in bed.

 Are you a scorpion? Well, if you are then you have all the right to be all excited and goofy as it’s your time of the year. The Scorpio season is here and this is the darkest of all (Not in a negative sense though). As we know that prefers to be intense than to be shallow, so this zodiac is about to reign as it's their time of the year so get ready for some fun in even sense you can imagine. When a Scorpio falls for a person they fall REALLY REALLY hard so, if you’re dating or if you’re married to a scorpion then you might want to be prepared for some fun-filled and lustful activities while under the sheets.



These mysterious beings have a habit of shining out of the whole lot and stand out as a different persona altogether. Their presence means a whole lot of humor and depth around you. Basically, if you’re not a true fan of blunt humor or if don’t have that bone of tolerance in you then you should better stay away from the Scorpios while it’s their time of the year. You can’t even expect the level Scorpios can stoop to in order to prove their point and to roost you not matter in front of how many people. They are the most inflicted people to be invited to parties, so just give it thought that they’re extremely humorous and unfiltered while in parties, but once it's their own day what’ll happen then? Well, to catch up on you will have to see it for yourself.



This time of the year we welcome all sorts of goofy and quirky festivities including Halloween. This zodiac has the ability to shine out bright in a Halloween part and carry the weirdest costume with utmost confidence. Speaking of goofy and quirky, Scorpios are intense and goofy lovers. They don’t mind experimenting in fact they are all about experimenting. They have a dark way of loving their partner with all the sensual bones they have. While it's their time of the year they are even more dangerous (in an adventurous way) to be around. So, if you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio, then you’re about to have a satisfactory night this time of the year.

 So, all in all, this zodiac is reflects darkness in a way no other sign must’ve ever done. Scorpios like to do everything wit all their heart and all their energy, be it expressing, arguing, or making love, this zodiac knows is all and they are the master of all. So, grab your guts and your confidence if you’re about to spend some time with your scorpion friends during their birthday month as you’ll need a whole lot of courage to be around this sensual and darkness filled quirky zodiac.