December 21 Birthday: Zodiac Sign, Personality, Positive Traits, Negative Traits, Love and Health

December 21 Zodiac sign


December 21 Birthday – Personality

Dec 21 is a day when strong personalities are born. They learn how to use silence for their own purposes. They can say anything, or not. Their main expression is the language that the body and soul use to communicate their needs.

These people are so driven to achieve their goals, it is nearly impossible to argue.

They are romantic and sensual.

People born 21 December are able to channel their energy in a way that helps them get to their goal. They can also control the outcome of their activity if they get others to do what they want.

The secret to silence is that those born on December 21 are able to use it with incredible efficiency, as we mentioned previously. They can suddenly fall silent at certain points in a conversation or business negotiation and have a greater impact on their interlocutors that if they are constantly talking, trying not to prove anything, or screaming their emotions.

It may also seem to others that someone is watching them, as if some unknown force is hiding behind their silence and is capable of fleeing at any time. People born on this day are often treated cautiously, as if they don’t want to cause a volcanic eruption.

This insecurity can lead to tension in relationships, as it can extend to family, friends, and acquaintances.

This is why people born December 21 can have trouble maintaining lasting friendships. They also often leave behind a trail of broken hearts.

They can still make a difference in their relationships with the people they love.

People born on this date are more likely to not speak up and to avoid answering questions about their personal lives.

They are very secretive about everything that has to do with their inner lives and fantasies. However, they can project their fantasies onto the environment around them and create their environment.

They are able to control people and have a great desire.

This day’s people are strong and have good control of their bodies, both at rest and moving. They also love children and/or animals.

These relationships were where those born December 21st could express their intuition and non-verbal communication skills.

“Who isn’t with me is against him” – this is a common principle that applies to all people born December 21.

They must learn to forgive others and to be more open to the idea of helping them. They should let go of fear of rejection in order to grow spiritually.

They must be determined and perseverant. They will find their place in the world, be happy, and prosper if they have taken up the path to evolutionary development, spirituality, and become spiritually enlightened.

December 21 Birthday – Positive Characteristics

They are warm, caring people who have a big heart and can understand and bring together all the issues of others.

December 21 Birthday – Negative Characteristics

They choose to surround themselves with people who are far below or above their level of awareness, and see them as equals. This causes them to lose touch with their real place in the world, and they engage in battles for ego that they can’t understand until they confront their shadows.

December 21 Birthday – Health

People born on 21 December should be aware of depression. This is when your desires don’t come true. Anger and resentment that has been held back can lead to sudden outbursts.

For those born December 21, expressing their feelings in relationships is very important. It is important that they find a partner who will give them warmth, tenderness, and physical satisfaction.

People born 21 December should temper their passion for sweets and fats. You should limit your alcohol and antidepressant consumption. Aerobics and a daily exercise program are highly recommended.

December 21 Birthday – Love & Emotions

People born on December 21st are able to feel the emotions and become fluent. They can also warm up to the idea that they can share a life and be together. They may have trouble establishing boundaries that protect them, but they can also be close enough to each other and see their strengths and limitations over time. As with all Sagittarius’, they can be tempted to see others as more like or more energetic than they are. This could lead to them having high expectations and possibly a negative impact on their health when relating to loved ones.

They want a partner who is equally creative and energetic as them, and who is also emotionally warm and deep. They could be open to helping others in need, and offer support and assistance to those less fortunate. Balanced relationships between people should be the best way to build a sense of personal worth. They must respect one another unconditionally and be equal.

Famous People And Celebrities Born On December 21

Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson, Florence “FloJo” Griffith Joyner, Ray Romano, Kiefer Sutherland, Betty Wright

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On December 21

A lamp, candle or any other type of light source that shines on their wall, terrace, or floor is the perfect birthday gift for someone who was born on December 21st. A concert ticket is a great gift. They’ll love to dance and move, and they will also enjoy romantic gestures. You must be careful not to get too cheesy. This could cause them to drift away from the distance that they feel comfortable with when it feels dishonest.

December 21 Ruling Planet


December 21 Element


December 21 Lucky day


December 21 Lucky Color

Purple and Blue

December 21 Lucky Numbers

6, 9

December 21 Birthstone


December 21 Zodiac Compatibility

Aries and Leo

December 21 Strength:

Honest and Reliable

December 21 Weakness:

Over Confident and Judgmental

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