Dating the jealous sign: Virgo

A little bit of jealousy in any relationship is valid, and often it leads to more spice in romance. But when this jealousy becomes more blind than love, when it becomes more prominent than anything else, conjoined with suspicion and distrust, can a relationship last?

Virgos often come with an edge to them, they have doubts, insecurities, expectations and needs, that many times leads to jealousy and maybe even controlling. They question everyone’s authenticity and intentions, even their own. They could be having a very fulfilling relationship with a partner that is entirely devoted to them, and yet they would sleep overthinking multiple doubts about the relationship.

When one is dating a Virgo, jealousy is something they need to get used to and also be able to handle properly. But how deep does a Virgo’s jealousy run? 

Others and themselves.

Virgos are very critical and judgemental of others, but at the same time, they are critical of themselves too. They are very hard on themselves, seeking perfection in every step of theirs. This behavior extends to their closest relationship and then gradually manifests into jealousy.

Because of pessimism.

A very basic reason why a Virgo feels jealous fast and regularly is their pessimism. This sign is a big-time overthinker. They spend hours and nights at length thinking about each detail, turning all unturned stone, again and again. All they need is one simple mistake, one tiny bad event and their mind is running thick in midst of negativity. Even the slightest of a hint of their partner being interested in someone else, or hiding something, is enough for them to become suspicious and jealous.

Fear of losing their partner. 

Every person’s jealousy somehow arises from the fear of losing their partner to someone else. There is the fear of their partner finding someone better and whatnot. But this is something that Virgos suffer from the most. This overthinking zodiac community is all about the worst-case scenario. Moreover, they always feel that they surely have done something wrong to make their partner feel undervalued or have a quirk that their partner completely despises. They just have this ugly belief in their heart that they are not as good as others, definitely not as good as their partner, and their partner can do better.

Understanding their jealousy.

Dating a Virgo could be hard because of this jealousy, what is even worse and harder is being a Virgo and experiencing this jealousy. A Virgo needs a partner who can handle their jealousy and instead of ridiculing them, would help them properly manage it and eliminate it over time. 

Virgos would never ask for it, but they seem to be in constant need of validation. They are in constant need of being aware that they are not making mistakes, that they are just who their partner wants, that their partner is not interested in anyone else. They are doing a full-time job on criticising themselves, they need someone who’d appreciate them and increase their self-esteem for who they are.