Dating a Virgo- Pro's and Cons

Dating a Virgo- Pro's and Cons

You are the kind of person that keeps the relationship exciting and free from boredom for the long term. You observe smarty and include your partner as well in it with a detailed perspective. If one wants to scheme out a date then one must know your favorite food and drink for the knowledge of taste.

You are a person that is very much particular about the dishes that are being served to you with love. You consider each and every detail about anything so one must be very careful while selecting a restaurant for the date. As you are very much concerned about the details so the thing that would impress you in the dressing style for a date would be accessories. 

You love some shiny, glittering pieces of jewelry that would captivate one's attention. You don't even consider its price rather you want it to be something that would fascinate your eyes. You are the most judgemental sign of all the zodiac and will have a delightful adventurous life.

You are a quick-witted and funny person that always keeps its partner happy and laughing. You have a very practical approach towards life and relationship like if you are very serious for someone then only you will get into one. 

Getting into precise details of your partner you yourself are a perfectionist with a positive character. You are also very picky about your partner and relationship as you check about compatibility before getting into a bond. You are an analytical person who completes whatever it starts and are not of clingy type rather you want your own space. You are a dedicated person who needs a lot of time for yourself and needs a lot of sympathies.

PROS Of Dating a VIRGO-

You consider stability and structure as the most important part of a relationship to build. You desire for an organized bond which has a goal to accomplish together in life. You need a partner that understands this and encourages you to achieve success and aim high.

You observe each bit of your partner and take care of them like a child as you love them deeply. You find happiness and enjoy taking care of the partner whom you love a lot. You will always be present for your partner whenever needed and would showcase your love through small gestures. 

You also have good communication skills who only will discuss rather than fighting or arguing in the relationship. You have the ability to win almost all the arguments and fights but rather you talk to your partner and find out ways to resolve it. You first listen to the misunderstandings and the nuances then would solve the emotional issues.

You are a loyal person and would always be present whenever anyone needs you in any tough situation. Once you are serious in the relationship then you will go to any extent to make the bond everlasting. 

CONS Of Dating a Virgo-

People find it really tough to share emotions and express themselves in front of you because of your judgemental nature. And if your partner is not comfortable with you to share the things then the conflicts might build up and become worse. You also overthink and worry a lot about the things and it is not good for a healthy relationship.

The nature of over worrying might even capture you and bring out anger and irritation annoying your partner. You do are compassionate in love but even the shy ones who keep their things to themselves and do not open up easily.

Being closed and restricted to yourself for the feelings and emotions might irritate your partner as well. 

You are the kind of person that is hopelessly romantic and people find it hard to start a romantic relationship with you. You even might have trouble staying in a relationship for a very long as you are more of a practical person. Intimacy is a major thing in a happy and good relationship though you do not really enjoy it and it is the major con of dating a Virgo.

Relationships and love do not require being practical but you are a very practical person that might ruin the bond. You love debates and if it is a heated one then you would fall into a fight and arguments. The major drawback of dating a Virgo is one cannot expect compliments from you.