Isn’t Love the most wonderful feeling? All of us at some point in time have dreamed about that perfect relationship. The first step to the perfect relationship is finding a compatible partner. If we are talking about a committed relationship, then it is very important that your partner’s personality matches and complements yours.

Taurus is one of the most stable and sensual signs of the zodiac. They have a definite outlook towards everything in their life including their love life, Taurus is not the kind who can casually date when they think of dating, they think of a committed relationship. Dating a Taurus has its own pros and cons.



There is no secret in the fact that a Taurus is a very stable sign. They know exactly what they want and won’t confuse you by playing games. They are not a big fan of change; however that doesn’t mean that they won’t try new things, you just need to know how to convince them!

Family comes first

A Taurus is a very homely person, they love spending time with their family and if you date them, then with your family too. Taurus is the kind of partner who will never miss any family dinners and will be present at all family functions, talking with your Dad, helping your Mom and entertaining your siblings.

Taurus is all about love

Taurus is a very old school when it comes to love; they believe that there is one perfect person for everyone. So they will go all out in their romantic gestures, they love dinner dates and long walks. Basically, if you date a Taurus, you get a fairytale romance.

Taurus oozes passion

A Taurus is known to be one of the most passionate and sensual signs, after all, they are ruled by the goddess of love – Venus. Their sensuality is one of their dominant traits making them highly attractive. You are going to have an amazing time in the bedroom if you date a Taurus(wink, wink!)

Taurus will shower you with love and gifts!

A Taurus acts as the provider in the relationship, so they love pampering their partner with lots o love. Their gifts don’t have to be materialistic all the time; they would cook their partner a delicious meal and do the house chores so that their partner can relax.

Relationship is valued

When Taurus is committed to a relationship, they value it more than anything else. Relationships are more than fun and games for a Taurus, they value harmony and mutual respect and will work towards it. They are very protective of their partner and will do anything to help them out.

They appreciate the finer things

A Taurus is not someone who compromises; they always aim for the best. They have great taste in movies, food, and music so you know you can trust their recommendations. They will dress well on a date night and will make a few heads turn.

Taurus will make you turn around

There is no doubt in the fact that Taurus born are a sexy bunch, they are blessed with great features and an attractive physique. To give a few examples of hot Taurus – George Clooney, David Beckham, Jamie Dornan and so many more. Coming to the ladies, we have Megan Fox, Tina Fey, and Jessica Alba. So now you know a Taurus can raise the temperature of the room!

So Loyal

The most attractive quality of a Taurus is their loyalty, a Taurus doesn’t casually date when they date it’s because they are fully committed to their partner. They will not leave their partner alone no matter what happens. They are like a rock to their partner, who will support them till the end.

Not giving up!

A Taurus is very persistent, if they like you and get the hint that you like them too, they will do everything in their power to pursue you. Although a Taurus woman might give you a run for her, a Taurus man will keep trying until he succeeds.


Koala Bear alert!

Yes, a Taurus is very clingy; they will text you 100 times a day just to know what you are doing. Now, where some people find this cute, it can get annoying at times making it difficult for their partner to get some space. They are born over thinkers, which is why any little change in your attitude will throw them off and they will imagine the worst-case scenario.

Bring on the debate

A Taurus can’t help their temper, so they are likely to get into fights over petty issues. This may disturb the peace and harmony of the relationship, but this isn’t something that can’t be solved. All you need to do is be patient and try to explain the issue to them.

Stubborn as hell

There is literally nothing that can change a Taurus’s mind. Taurus is one of the most stubborn sign and once they have formed an opinion, no one can change it. This is where you will have to compromise so that peace and harmony can be restored in the relationship.

Routine Routine Routine!

A Taurus hates change so it’s very difficult to convince them to do something new. So the task of keeping the relationship fun and fresh fall on the shoulder of their partner. Taurus is set in their ways and won’t change unless it’s completely necessary.

Keep that gift ready

This is one of the biggest flaws of a Taurus; they value material things a lot. In some low points of Taurus, they value the love of their partner by the gifts that they give them. This quality of a Taurus is often considered a deal-breaker.

A Taurus has its good points and bad points so it depends on you, how you see them. it’s not a difficult decision if you feel the pros outweigh the cons then go ahead with it because one thing is for sure, Taurus is very caring and adores their partner.