Darkest All-Time Favorite Sex Positions For Each Zodiac Sign

Darkest All-Time Favorite Sex Positions For Each Zodiac Sign

Reading about sex positions is a great way to get educated on the matters of sex as well as getting innovative ideas to revamp your sex life. In this digital age of the Internet, people can search for anything they wish to know about. It is all just a click away or a swipe of their thumb. Zodiac Signs are a topic of interest to many.

People can relate to the traits and quirks of their zodiac’s personalities when they read about them. But do you know that you can also revamp your sex life by reading about the preferences of your zodiac sign? Let us read about the twelve zodiac signs and their favorite sexual positions.


Aries is fierce, intense, and emotional. They have a hard time reacting neutrally to things around them. One minute, they are calm and the next they can be a fireball. For our fireball Aries, the favorite sexual position of theirs is Doggy Style. The Aries could be a male or a female and still love this position as it allows them enough maneuvering and freedom to wriggle and seduce their partner about.


Taurus is an Earth sign, loves anything and everything in sex that makes them feel as grounded as possible. They want the maximum part of their bodies touching, whether they know it consciously or not. The favorite sexual position for a Taurus would be lying on their right side and their partner kneeling them, straddling their right leg, and having the best sex of their lives. This position allows for a deeper penetration experience while still being able to maintain eye contact.


Gemini is a very quirky Air sign which likes strange things. Their sexual preferences are strange and out of the box too. They are fond of light and feathery kisses and foreplay before they get down and dirty with their partner. The favorite sexual position for a Gemini is Flatiron where they or their partner would lie face down on the bed, legs straight and hips raised. This sex position is a snug fit that allows all the stimulation they need and not being embarrassed about it.


Cancer being a Water sign demands an emotional connection with their partner if they want to have sex with them. Sex with a Cancer is an eye-candy type of experience, which will pull your focus from the physical act of sex and to its possibly spiritual side. The favorite sex position of a Cancer is The Caboose where they will sit on their bed or a chair, back themselves in their partner’s lap, spoon, and have sex simultaneously.


Leo being a fire sign is a bit like Aries in their intensity but Leos live moment to moment. They do not think about the future. They just want to make their immediate present okay for them to go on living. Their sex life is very interesting as Leos are a highly learned and intelligent Zodiac sign out of all. Their favorite sexual position to have sex could be the Butter Churner position. This position requires one to lie on their back with legs raised and folded over. Ankles should be on either side of the head. This will make Leos quiver in pleasure while their partners can squat and penetrate them this way.


Virgo being an Earth sign is very simple by nature. There are no rules for them to have sex. They will try anything with their partner. Their favorite sexual position is The Chairman which will let them sit in the lap and swivel their hips as they have sex.


Libra loves to maintain eye contact with their partners while having sex. For them, the Table Top position is the perfect fit. It will allow seeing their partner face to face and having sex while lying at the edge of the bed or a table.


Scorpios are inherently kinky. The favorite sexual position of a Scorpio could be many. But the one they will like the most is 69. They love getting close to their partner’s genitals and watch them come undone as they give them the best time of their lives.


A Sag loves the good old missionary position. It allows them to be romantic, face while looking into their partner's eyes with utmost love and devotion.


A Capricorn can come off as a very surprising zodiac sign. Their favorite sexual position is the Wrapped Lotus where their partner will sit cross-legged so they can climb into their lap. They wish to let their partner enter this way so they can grind against their pelvis.


Aquas are an interesting bunch. Their favorite sexual position is the Snake position. They will lie or make their partner lie on their stomach and their partner on top of them or vice versa to slide in from behind.


In the last zodiac, the romantic Pisces will love the Woman Astride sex position. This position is similar to the Cowgirl but Pisces would love to be on top and then have their partner enter them or vice versa. This angle helps hit the G-spot of Pisces female even more so with their partner having easy access to their clitoris.

It is hard to believe so, but it is true. According to the nature of the Element of the Zodiac, we can predict the kind of sex position each zodiac is drawn to in seconds. We hope all the sexual positions resonated according to your zodiac sign!