Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign

Everyone has a dark side they do not want the world to see. They try their best to hide it from almost every individual. Your parents do not know many secrets about you, so as your lover or beloved and even your friends. If there is darkness, light always comes by but the opposite happens too.

If you can feel the mistake you are making every time that is the first step from darkness to light.


Being a ball of fire, Aries is quite full of rage and impatient energy. They won’t come in terms with you if you tell them they are a little immature. They find pleasure in the suffering they cause to others thus portraying their evil nature. It won’t bother them hurting their closed ones if it is not according to him. They have an ego within their mind and wouldn’t bother how you feel or think when they decide to do something.

Because of innocence due to childish nature, they tend to hurt themselves by building their own castle in the clouds.  They never derive satisfaction from anything provided to them. They want more.


Charming and sensual Taurus can turn out to be the most stubborn of all the Zodiacs. According to their nature, they are inclined towards materialistic comfort. They can be extremely possessive depending on how you treat them. They can be lazy to the power of infinity.

Taurus has a habit of overthinking situations and making illusions all inside their mind, disturbing their mental peace. Their good works turn into a worse situation for them. They do not believe in sharing things and are mostly territorial.


Geminis with their dark side are double trouble. They tend to be full of arrogance. They can be overconfident about knowing almost everything about things around. They are so whimsical that they find it difficult to decide about one, be it food or love life.

They cannot be trusted easily and not the person you should look up to, in an emergency. They can provoke people into dangerous activities or fights. The more enmity they have for you, the more they will make it realize to you. They can be good with behaviors, just to stab you later.


Being caring also makes Cancer extremely sensitive. You never know what role of emotions, you do get back in return. They tend to be very moody. Dealing with a moody crab can be quite tiresome. They are very attached to their comfort zone and hides like a snail when they find a threat to get out of it.

They get offended very easily. Their shrewd nature and innocent face make it difficult to understand the devious plans that get plotted in the situation. It is all in their mind and a smile on their face.


Leo is the only limelight in the house when they enter the party. This is the thought of almost each of them. They love people attending them and wooing them around. They are the center of the party most of the time and do not take it well when ignored.

They might show tantrums if their demand is not met. They stand on the ground of reality but tries to make things more complex with their negative thoughts. They feel everything is possible by them and they can end up working along and they do not need anyone but they fail to understand that unity creates a miracle.



Perfection and Virgo go hand in hand. And being a perfectionist, they have a judgemental nature amongst all the zodiacs. They set standards for them and people around. If your standards do not match with theirs, they can judge you irrespective of how good you are in person. They are very envious about what belongs to them and can go through various demons to get them. They won’t step back to hurt you for that. They are full of drama and makes the situation more complicated when it does not serve them.

Virgos love to gossip and given a topic, they can spend a whole day rambling about it without getting bored.


Libras tend to be very confusing in nature which they do not want to show to the world. They cannot decide what they want in their life. Choosing a dress can be a mare for them as they need to “choose” it. They study everything very minutely before taking a decision. Their way of uplifting your mood is not that friendly. They try to soothe you but end up with terrible words if you are still low.

They can let go of their own values to maintain peace. They are not to be trusted with words. Keeping promises and Libras are poles apart. They are afraid of real commitments.


No sign can be as cold as Scorpio when it comes to revealing the dark side. They can be vengeful and can take you down to sadness and despair if they find you betraying them. They will analyse if you are against their words and strike you back without thinking about the consequences. They find their words to be the ultimate. Nobody should cross that.

They have a very bad temper and it is advisable to stay away from them when they spark out of rage. They can manipulate to the core and can overreact to situations that feel a threat to them.


Sagittarius can be one of the bluntest and shabby Zodiacs amongst all. They can be straight forward enough to hurt sentiments when others possess a threat to their perspective. They do not care what society thinks of them. They can be offensive. Nothing but their wants and needs are the highest. Nothing else matters except that.

They can be quite cocky at times when they find it difficult to engage in righteous decision making but make sure to present themselves with a veil of knowing almost everything.


When it comes to negative thoughts that are controlling their mind, Capricorn rules with such a mind-set.  They won’t mind mingling themselves into gossips and talking at the back of others. They can manipulate people for their own benefits and never really regret it. They play diplomacy as a key to escape troubles.

They love to control every situation in their life and when it doesn’t go their way, they burst out with frustration and anger. They won’t step back to ditch you even if you are close to them.


There are Zodiacs who can be intelligent but it brings pride along with them. Aquarius is one of those signs. They love to shower advice on their friends and family but never really means it. They might tell them that they are understanding their situation but at the back of the mind, they do not bother to even listen to what the other is saying.

They love to judge people at any circumstances if it suits them. They are devoid of emotions and assume their outspoken nature of hurting others as their strength. That is negativity to be summed up.


Being the traditional and the oldest sign of the Zodiac, they can be naïve. They tend to believe everything around them is good. They prefer going with the flow rather than working for it. That sometimes leads to nothing. They do not land up with a proper direction in their life and that makes them stressed and gives them anxiety attacks as well.

They can be self-obsessed at times and that makes them selfish in nature. Pulling you down and insulting people makes them feel powerful but reveals their true personality.

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