Crystals For Positive Vibes And Strength

Crystals For Positive Vibes And Strength

Do you want to increase your powers or positive vibes? It’s quite simple just get some crystals that are the perfect match for your zodiac sign. Each crystal has differing properties. Using these properties and tailoring to that energy gives us healing strength that allows us to achieve our goals. It has been seen that each Sun Sign has a natural connection to certain crystals, stones, and minerals.

So compatibility with the "natural equivalent" may be strong suppositions, in fact, it can sometimes turn out to be something magical too! For example, Aquarians are known to very fragile so they need a crystal that heals them so their perfect match is the Aquamarine the crystal which is known to possess healing powers. Or the relation between Jade and Capricorns, both mean business and Jade helps Capricorns get in touch with their deepest desires which even they aren’t aware of, and helps them fulfill those too.


Aries is the fiercest of all the 12 signs, their crystal is the Carnelian which helps them achieve their vitality and also keeps them calm. They are known to be hot-headed, so Carnelian helps them control their temper which is known to get them in unwanted trouble.


Taurus born are ruled by the planet of Venus, they enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. They are hopeless romantics so their crystal is the Rose Quartz which helps to attract love in their life. It also protects them from heartbreaks and reinstates their faith in love.


Gemini is all about the intellect, that’s all they long for in their life so Citrine is the best crystal for them. Citrine is known to increase intelligence which is desired by the airy twins. Citrine also helps to enhance memory and energy.


Cancers are prone to sudden outbreaks of emotion which makes them very anxious so they need a crystal that calms them; hence their crystal has to be Moonstone. Moonstone helps relieve cancers of their anxiety and stabilizes their emotions.


Leos are the most creative out of all the 12 zodiac signs; hence their crystal is Tiger’s Eye because it is known to enhance creativity and positivity. It opens up new avenues for Leo and guides them on this new path. It fills Leo with confidence, balance, and positivity.


Virgos are very practical so is their crystal Red Jasper, it adds to their practicality and helps clarify matters. It helps Virgos focus who tend to get hyper-organized and analytical, this helps them solve all their problems swiftly.


Libra carve for balance in life, and that’s exactly what their crystal, Lapis Lazuli does for them. Lapis Lazuli helps Libra to get centered and more focus which makes it possible for them to maintain balance in their life.


The main power of Obsidian is protection from negative vibes and that’s exactly what a Scorpio wants. It cleanses the aura of a Scorpio by giving more power to their intuitive side. Obsidian is said to give the gift of prophecy to Scorpions.


Sagittarius born are known to bring luck, so does their crystal Turquoise. Turquoise together with Sagittarius are an unstoppable team, once they come together there isn’t anything that they can’t achieve. Turquoise has many soothing powers and can take care of the Sagittarians ' health issues. It also reflects the starting number nine. Therefore the greatest concept of a Sagittarian is a divine soul.


Capricorns are all about business so is their crystal Jade. It helps them grow and prosper in the business world. Jade helps Capricorns fulfill their deepest desires of fame, wealth, and prosperity. Jade acts as a catalyst in their growth.


Aquarius born are known to be quite fragile, so they need something to protect them which is their crystal is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is known to have healing powers that help Aquarians a lot. It also inspires and brings about radical changes in Aquarians.


Amethyst, like the watery astrological star, stands for divine knowledge. Not just that, it helps improve one's confidence and defends the atmosphere from negative vibes, which is ideal for sensitive Pisces. It brings in positive vibes that help cleanse the aura of Pisces.