Crabs V/S Sea Goats- What is the right choice for a Taurus woman?

Crabs V/S Sea Goats- What is the right choice for a Taurus woman?

Careful! Because you are about to enter into a match-making segment for bulls. Let me decode it for you, all we mean to say is that this article is all about recognizing the perfect match for a Taurus woman. And guess what? We have two brilliant candidates for the same- Capricorn and Cancer. 

But the problem is there seems a little confused about which one is the right match, so if you Taurus women are reading then it is for you to choose as we are a tad bit confused. But before getting into more details about these two men, let us first examine the facts that a Taurus woman looks while searching for a man. 

A Taurus woman wants her man to…

…surprise her-

Well, what can we say, she is a lover of luxury and gestures, so yes if you are planning on impressing her then surprising her with high gestures might give you some brownie points right away. 

…be affectionate-

Well, who doesn’t? Even though these women are crazy at heart, but they are sensitive deep down. So, no matter how goofy and funky they may act their ultimate need is to be treated like a delicate little princess while she is in the arms of her prince charming. 

…be family-oriented-

Just to simply, all she means here is that she needs a mirror replica of herself in the form of a man. Yes, this is true because there is nothing dearer than her family to a Taurus woman, so you better be a family-oriented guy, or else you stand no chance. 

…be humbly ambitious-

Well, this box is a hard one to check out, because people sure are ambitious, but finding a man who is ambitious yet grounded might be a little difficult. She wants her man to be a hard and grounded earner for the family. 


The ultimate showdown!!- Capricorns V/S Cancers 

Okay, so this is the ultimate showdown here and according to what we mentioned earlier we will have to state out the compatibility listings of the two pairs and see that who is more compatible for these classy women. 


First up…the Sea Goats with the Bulls

Speaking of the Capricorns as a choice first, the Taurus women and a Capricorn man seem like a good match to us according to the natural traits of the two of them. Both of them do not get into a relationship without giving it a thought, as they both prefer good and thoughtful compatibility in terms of a love relationship. A Capricorn man is an ambitious and hardworking explorer who ticks in on a few of her boxes mentioned above. 

She tends to have a certain sense of practicality and emotional stability in terms of her relationship and so does a Capricorn man. The only issue that arises in the two of them is that she aims at expecting a more emotional and affectionate response which a Capricorn man lacks a little. And this is because he thinks that staying consistent with her automatically means that he love her, but a Taurus woman seems to have wanted more than that. They both sure are compatible in all the sections, but ultimately there are a few issues that might arise between the two of you 


Second up…the Crabs with the Bulls 

Well, this match is probably the most family-oriented and emotional one. Do you want to why? Well, this is because a Cancer man all about nothing but his family and so is a Taurus woman, so that is where the spark ignites between the two of them. Their relationship might spark up a little slow, but eventually, it’ll take its course and they’ll be like ‘couple goals’ for many out there. 

The moody and stubborn clashes between the two might be normal, but the amount of handwork, ambition, and generosity a cancer man depicts can be an attractive force for a Taurus woman. This is a couple whose common desire and the need for their family is what bind them together. Their success works hand in hand and they will never let their ambition come in the way of their love and emotions. So, this is a perfect match for these love ladies I guess. 


Concluding point

Well, I guess the answer is quite clear, isn’t it? Even though both of the men are quite compatible with a Taurus woman, but enduring relationships are the ultimate need for these women. So, Cancer men are a great choice for a Taurus woman, because they probably check all of their boxes of being humble, ambitious, affectionate and they will surely be showering you with all the love they have in their heart.