COVID-19 and What Astrology Predicts

COVID-19 and What Astrology Predicts

COVID-19, a disease caused by a Coronavirus, namely, SARS-CoV-2 has been spreading at a very fast rate. Since the first case of this disease was identified in Wuhan, a city in China, back in the mid of November, it has been spreading very rapidly. 

This virus has spread to all around the world in the span of a few months. Though China has recovered from the virus and most of its consequences, there are many other countries like America, Russia, Brazil, India, etc. that are still struggling to contain this virus. The number of cases in these countries and many others has been continuously progressing despite many measures being taken. 

Many big and reputed institutions, research laboratories, pharmacology companies and even individual scientists are looking for a possible cure or vaccine for this virus. This virus is not something that can be completely eradicated from the face of the Earth and vaccine or a cure is the only solution to be able to contain and stop the spreading of this virus. 

People have been refraining from going out for the sake of personal safety. Education places have completely come to a halt and many have shifted to online means to ensure that their students don’t lag behind. Many offices are still preferring that their employees work from home for the safety of all the employees. 

There have been so many changes one has to experience, so many places people are struggling in, in various different ways, while having just one question in their head, when is this going to end?

Astrology tries to answer that and many other questions regarding this highly contagious disease.

When is this pandemic going to come to an end?

This pandemic has been going on for months and showing no signs of slowing down or ending anytime soon. People are hoping for a vaccine or a cure but the expectation of anything soon is pretty low. 

Numerous astrologers are making a prediction that there is a huge chance of this pandemic coming to its closing chapter by the month of September. The number of cases would start reducing at a fast pace in the last week of August but it would not disappear instantly.

The retrograde motion of many planets is bound to bring adverse effects throughout. The changing position of Jupiter and Saturn by the end of the month of August can result in positive affects and especially when Jupiter is free from the influence of Ketu, relief from this disease could be experienced.

Why did this contagious virus emerge?

It is a known fact that this virus originated in Huanan Seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, which is a city in China. The virus is said to have been transferred from a bat because of its extreme similarity with a virus that is found in bats.

At the end of the last month of 2019, six planets intersected in Sagittarius. Six planets converging in one zodiac sign are tremendously rare and occurs hardly three to four times in the entire span of a century. The solar eclipse that took place on the 26th of December is also said to have played a role in the emergence and spread of this virus. 

During the Solar eclipse, Ketu, which is responsible for many diseases, became stronger. The astrological arrangement of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury along with Jupiter has ensued this outbreak of this infectious virus.

When would everything go back to normal?

This virus hit the world pretty hard. With many countries and places having to make strict rules and complete lockdowns, the economy of many countries has decreased in a very significant way. Though the people who have contracted this disease and the doctors along with the security forces are surely the ones that have been struggling the most, people of every other field have been struggling in different ways as well. This has been hard for people’s mental health, relationships, career, education, and well being. Countries as a whole have been affected and people are afraid of how long would they have to suffer the consequences of this even after the virus has vanished or has been contained.

Astrology predicts that life on earth as a whole would return to normal in all aspects from the eleven months of 2021, i.e., November. The prediction was aided by the fact that Jupiter would transit over to Aquarius. Thus since the mid of 2021, things are going to steadily change towards normalcy and by November of 2021, everything would return back to normal.

When is this disease going to be at its peak?

This virus is spreading at such a fast rate that everyone fears that they or someone from their family might get infected. The fact that the numbers are increasing at a maddening speed is only helping in increasing the anxiety of coming close to anyone already infected with this virus.

People are hoping for the daily cases count to start decreasing but there are no signs of this happening as day by the day the numbers of cases are only progressing to a higher number. 

During the period between the start of June to the mid of July, the number of cases that are found on a daily basis is going to be increasing and would probably reach its peak. The fear intensifies by such news as the numbers are already scary. But there is a possibility of these numbers going down after mid-July. 

When is the cure or vaccine of this virus going to be ready?

People are sitting on their edges waiting for a pharmacology company to announce that they have found the medicine that can cure this disease or for a big research institution to state that their vaccine has successfully gone through all trials and is up for being used effectively.

There are thousands and thousands of researches occurring all around the globe with only one aim, to contain this virus. 

This month comes with a bit positivity as the retrograde motion of planets brings extreme changes. Though there is a possibility of adverse effects some good can come to the pandemic forefront. It all depends on the changing trajectory of the planet Jupiter. As Ketu is helping in increasing the strength of the virus, once Jupiter is free of its influence, the chances of the world healing from this virus increases.