Analyzing the Kundalis and horoscopes of all people tends to give us an idea about the insights of their future predictions. And the privilege of kundalis and horoscopes also works in the cases of our lovely celebrities. For this write up one shall definitely roll the red carpet out as we are welcoming the Global sensation, Priyanka Chopra. One of the most celebrated and talented women of all time, her obsession with making a mark wherever she goes is what drives us all towards her talent. This global diva is not just making our country proud, but she also is a true symbol of a modern age woman who tends to inspire the feminine gender to rise above all the patriarchal norms and regulations. From being a model, actor, and now a global sensation, Priyanka Chopra must have had some superb stars backing her up in her birth chart and of course, her sheer talent is the reason she’s here today. 


So, the actress was born on the 18th of July 1982, which naturally makes her a Cancerian. And as we know that the people belonging to Cancer sun signs are quite bright and generous in their greetings. They are highly nurturing and sensitive towards people and being emotionally involved is what drives their sign. The actress is well known across the globe for her compassion and maternal love towards her fans and she is also seen to have a very generous attitude towards life even after attaining so much fame she never left her ground and that’s what makes her a true Cancer sun sign. This diva is a true star so let us pay a little attention to her actual stars through the lens of Vedic astrology. 


The presence of the moon and Venus are considered to be very important in one’s birth chart as they determine the inner and outer beauty of the native. And as in the case of Priyanka Chopra, we can see that the moon is in the ascendant and the presence of the moon in this house contributes to a very calm and sturdy personality. Moreover, this positioning of the moon in this house also represents a very stable and balanced kind of human and this reflects her logical thinking as well as her emotionally involved self. So, all these together combined make her a very sturdy person altogether.  Furthermore, the presence of the moon and the Venus depending upon their positions makes a person look extremely good-looking, and well, under this subject the actress sets a benchmark because she is hands down one of the most gorgeous personalities both inside out. Now moving on, The presence of venus matters big time, so the positioning of the Venus in the second house represents a whole lot of wealth, family prosperity as displayed in Priyanka’s birth chart in full swing. Also, the presence of venus in the second with Rahu in a positive position contributes to the fact that the native will acquire quite a good amount of wealth all by herself with her talent and endless efforts. 


The presence of Rahu, as we all know matters the most in horoscope matching so in terms of this global sensation, the presence of Rahu in the second house reflects upon the fact that the person might make a great impression worldwide, which of course the actress is excelling in since day one. Moreover, the second house also reflects the melodious trait in the native and Priyanka is also famous for her ‘Exotic’ and mind-blowing singing talents. The presence of Rahu in the second house not only contributes to such minimal positive things but it also represents a certain trait of breaking the stereotypical thought process of the society and as we all know better that, the actress has always been on a unique side, be it in her wedding or her career. Despite all the stones thrown at her and all the hurdles she faced, the actress never gave up and was ready to fight all the stereotypical taboos for once and for all. 

So, all in all, the reason behind all her fame and success in her life is not only her talents but also the presence of mercury and venus in her kundalis, as they contribute a great deal to her success and reputation.