Could science ever be able to back future predictions and astrology?

Could science ever be able to back future predictions and astrology?

 What exactly is astrology? Humans have always struggled dealing with sadness and despair. Passing away of a close one, concluding relationships, all of these things makes a human feel despair. It was because of this kind of a feeling that humans had to deal with in 1600Ads, that made them want to know more. They wanted to prepare themselves in advance for situations like those that are talked about, above. That is why people started searching for answers, they started searching for ways they could be aware of what is to be coming in the near future.

Astrology has been part of the scholarly tradition throughout most of the history, it even used to be a part of the curriculum kids used to follow back in the day. Even literature legends like William Shakespeare have written about topics related to astrology. But as the 18th century ended and 19th century started. The scientific stuff that had evidence to back it up was something that influenced the general public more as compared to hypothetical stuff. With this, though slowly but surely steadily, came a decline in the use of astrology as a subject in different curriculums.

History of Astrology

Many civilizations and societies have shown immense interest when it comes to finding a way out for them to see the unseen. People from the country of India and China are one of the first nations that tried finding answers to the things discussed above.

Most of these civilizations, societies and nations considered the use of the position of the stars, the sun, the moon and other planet with respect to earth, as intricate solutions to the issue.

Scientific Rejection

The communities that associated themselves with science refrained to have any discussions related to astronomy. As there was no evidence to back up the claims that astronomy promises, astronomy had to face a complete rejection from the scholar community.

No evidence for backing up their claims have caused astrology and astronomers a lot of criticism. People now look at the working of things, they want to know as to how a thing or a conclusion has been derived, they want to know the entire thought process behind things, but this is where astronomers and astronomy lagged behind, and this is wear it had to take hits from the entire society.

Adding to this, is that different cultures or civilizations/societies have their own different astronomy versions, which makes the subject of astronomy much more diverse and difficult to understand. For example, Hindu astrology is based on vedic texts and celestial movements wherein western astrology is based on exact positions of planets at the time of a person’s birth.

Wonders of Astronomy

It is said that in earlier days, just by having a glimpse at the sun or looking as to how big the moon looked , people were able to know if it was the right time to sow crops or when a new life would be arriving from a mother’s womb.

It was and is believed by people who study astronomy is that all humans have their own space in the universe and all of us are connected to each other. They even felt that all of our lives are dependent on how the sun and stars behave.

Talking about the present times, there are still very learned astrologers who would not fail to surprise most of us using their skills of predicting the future accurately. How they do it is a mystery best known to them, but there are people who are able to do this as if it is nothing.

These people can make use of various tools like horoscopes, tarot cards and what not and would be able to tell you as to what mood you are having at the moment without any difficulty. As said before, there is no science to back any of this but still people are able to do it and are even good at it.

But then why can’t we prove that all of these predictions (made by skilled, learned and reputed astrologers) are true. Why cannot science back this up for all its might.

Well there are now discoveries that are in the initial stage at the moment which suggest that earthquakes and climate of our planet can be predicted by looking at other planets. This discovery has given hopes to astrologers that their art could now finally be backed up by science soon.