Coronavirus Vaccine - The Natural Way with Ban Tulsi

Coronavirus Vaccine - The Natural Way with Ban Tulsi


Corona Viruses are the group of viruses that are actually zoonotic, that is they are transmitted from animals to yeh animals. It does not have any inter classical exchanges, the exchange is more general from the normal animals to human, and then from humans to humans and not from humans back to the animals. A very detailed study shows that the SARS CoV was initially contracted from the civet cats to the humans, and the more dreadful yet the lesser prominent MERS CoV is spread from the dromedary camels to the humans. There are yet another variant species of the group of Corona Viruses that actually have not transferred zoonotically and still remain in the animal body and many have not yet been reported for the preventive measures. These are very common in animals such as cats, camels, cattle, and bats. 


The range of the medically reviewed problems related to the Corona Virus is more or less the strength to beat the immunity of a normally functioning human being. Nothing kills a human more than the problematic immunity killer which will let you go nowhere and hence just like AIDS and SCID, the problem related to the Corona Virus is more at the roots of the human immunity which becomes pretty deficient and then more susceptible to other problems. The commonly seen problems for the people afflicted with the Corona Virus infection include the SARS, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which causes breathlessness, and breaks the ability of the body to both absorb Oxygen from the inhaled air and release Carbon Dioxide, and hence may result in wheezing and mucus. The other problem includes the MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which is more of a Mediterranean problem of respiration. Both the Corona Viruses have been identified as the MERS CoV and the SARS CoV. A novel Corona Virus, the nCoV is the newly discovered strained in the entire outlook.


The most noticeable syndrome for infection through the Corona Virus is the breathlessness in any normal human being. This is the gravest problem because any normal affliction can be characterized by breathlessness and hence the catching of the Virus just after the incubation is probably impossible. The other symptom is the presence of mucus, wheezing and coughing. This is an asthmatic symptom as well. Therefore any bronchial problem or any problem like the presence of asthma may be perceived as the presence of the virus in the body. Also, there might be regular bouts of fever, which may reappear even after the dosage of antipyretic. Hence it may be another palpable syndrome in the infection. Therefore the sequence of the problems goes as incubation which may result in mild fevers, breathless feelings, wheezing, coughing, the mucus in saliva and other respiratory parts and then the continuous presence of high fever. 


The problem with the Virus as the world threat is more or less a public concern and hence people are more into the preventive symptoms for the virus. The Corona Virus has no particular aids but it has a group of preventive measures which as a world threat have been issued in the world public interest by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, Government of India. The illness has been resulting in deaths and has reported its first death in India in the state of Kerala. It is more or less dependent on the state at which it is in the infection cycle inside the human. Like it may not spread in the incubation timeline but it may be more necessarily spread during the signs of infections, like contact with a person during the coughing and the wheezing period may get one contracted with the disease, hence causing the spread. Also, the Corona Virus has a pretty airborne and waterborne nature. Therefore close proximity is harmful to the nature of the infection.



There are basically two possible methodologies for the normal solving of this disease using the Ban Tulsi :


• The anti-cancerous property. Viruses are the cells that enter the body, release their ghost DNA and insert them in other cells that will help them by duplicating the DNA. Once the DNA is duplicated, the cells burst open releasing the DNA which will further invade the other cells. The function of this Tulsi can be expected to the preventive of the duplication of DNA. Just like it does in the case of contact inhibition. It will prevent the cells from making further copies of the DNA and hence this may stop the viruses from further invasion. The optimized number of the Viruses inside the body may be killed in the stage of life by the presence of other active immunities inside the body. Also the Virus, in an environment where it does not duplicate, enters the stage of inactivity. It gets crystallized. Although to keep the virus inactive a person may have to keep a regular intake of this Tulsi. 


• The antioxidant properties of this Tulsi are pretty much cytotoxic. Hence it may be used as a laser to kill the unwanted cells that may contain the DNA of the virus. Although the monitoring may be kind of difficult but with later technologies this may become possible. 


• Also, the immense immunizing power of the Ban Tulsi is like the hem of heaven. It will help in keeping other forms of immunity pretty strong, and will also keep the lungs in good shape, on account of it helps in the prevention of lung cancer. 



The normal Tulsi leaves which we grow as the holy basil or the salad basil belong to the family Lamiaceae. These are more domestic than the conditions required for the growth of these Tulsi are not pretty drastic, they require pretty optimum conditions. The Ban Tulsi, also known as the Close Wild Castor, is a wilder form of the plant by the same name. It belongs to an entirely different family, the family Euphorbiaceae, or the Castor family. These are normally Crotons. The chemical which gives the holy basil or the home Tulsi its taste is known as Eugenol and it is present in the Crotons too. The abundance is more in the Ban Tulsi, and hence due to its characteristic taste, it has gained the name of Tulsi. Also, it has a pretty close resemblance to this home Tulsi, with foliage leaves and stalked flowers. 


The leaves of the Ban Tulsi has been reported in culinary practices. It is used in a lot of tropical salads and plates of seafood and hence this has a very wide range usage. It is also used in teas and other beverages for flavoring. The usable parts of this include the leaves, the seeds, the flower racemes, and the oil. Normally it is harvested before it starts flowering so that the flavor is intact. After the normal flowering, it may be turned for fuelling uses and detergents.



The wild brother of the home Tulsi is equally medicinal in its qualities and hence it is much in use amongst the common village folks. Like all normal Tulsi, this Tulsi is a great immunizer and hence contributes to the overall increase of the immunity, specifically your innate immunity. It is used in the perfect assimilation of the oxygen inside the body and hence helps in the normal blood flow of the human body. It helps in the stimulation of the various body parts and hence helps in the general endurance, both mental and physical, helping in spiritual calming. The leaves have strong antioxidant properties. The anti-oxidation is a much-required property for the non-accumulation of the toxins in the body. Thus this prevents the growth of gouts in the joints, prevents arthritis, heart diseases and other brain immunities like prevention of dementia.



Cancer is the unnatural growth of the body cells which is unchecked. Most of the cells of the body have the oncogene which if inactive prevents the cell from multiplication. On activation, this actually leads the cell to multiply drastically and hence they lead to cancer. The normal tests using the Ban Tusli have shown that it helps in giving the cells their properties of contact inhibition. Contact inhibition is a process in which one cell checks that activity of the other cells in its vicinity and vice versa. It stops the cells from tireless duplication. The Ban Tulsi has been noted to be useful in the cases of Lung Cancers. Ban Tulsi has stray amounts of alkaloids, tannins, phenols, saponins and other essential oils that actually help in the prevention of cancerous growth in the body. The plant has antioxidant properties and hence is cytotoxic in many cases, and hence the presence of acetone in this plant is being confirmed.