Coping with Separation and Divorce

Coping with Separation and Divorce

All the relationships in the world have to get through and withstand the test of time. While some can easily pass this examination yet there are many connections that fail and hit the rock bottom. The subsequent result of which is either separation between the once lovers or directly divorce. When we talk about the necessary aid and help we receive during such a rough patch in our life, we get ample legal advice at a cost yet there isn’t much available in terms of emotional support which is just as important as any other legal advice. The aftermath of a separation or divorce is even worse than the cause itself. A person is said to be in its lowest phase dealing with irritation, wrath, misery loss of a loved one, and isolation which is quite serious and needs to be dealt with in order to restore the mental peace and harmony.

With all the happenings going by, we should remember the fact that things are never constant. Situations and circumstances improve with the passage of time and we acquaint ourselves to the new life to get ourselves along with the ever so fast-moving world. Besides, while going through such hard times in life, do whatever makes you feel better to get along with the rest of the world and to make your attempt at a new life after divorce, we are here to help you in moving to the calmer shore with some time tested techniques to cope with divorce or separation.

Be Practical –

In such difficult stretches, be easy on yourself, don't settle on choices by being all passionate rather adopt a pragmatic strategy throughout everyday life to cope with the loss. There are numerous individuals who can't come to terms with tolerating that their relationship is over because of connection to their past accomplices or ex-lovers. They despise everything find various approaches to stay in contact with them, by being companions still in touch with each other. Despite the fact that it is a typical practice followed by many, however, recall it is extremely difficult to deal with emotional turmoil and rather a very unhealthy approach to stick with, that too in the beginning phases of partition.

Take time out to meet family and friends –

It is commonly seen that after a separation, the person loses interest in connecting with the outside world around themselves. They confine their existence into just four walls by detaching completely from everyone around them. The alone time they spend in their company is often followed by an unnecessary over-thinking the pattern followed and a tendency of blaming either themselves or their partners with whatever happened. This is by and again witnessed with self-loathing issues followed by guilt and anger. Remember, what had to happen has happened, now all you can do is accept the reality. During this phase pour your heart out to someone you trust and start reconnecting with your family and friends on a deeper level.

Keep yourself fit and fine-

A rather common scenario is seen when after a separation or divorce, the person falls into the clutches of substance abuse. They adopt heavy drinking habits and at times it can also be seen to numb their pain and grief, they fall into taking drugs and other substances. Remember that none of it can ever help you with your problems and emotional turmoil going on inside. On the flip side, rather than lessening your pain it can over the long haul alleviate your pain. Always remember the key rule that only a healthy body can lead to a fit mind. Get back on the track, go out for jogs, and eat the right kind of food to help yourself deal with the loss.


Rather than scavenging through your head to find what went wrong, go inside, and start doing meditation every day to connect with yourself. In everyday life, to maintain a healthy relationship and connection with other people, we forget how important it is to connect with ourselves first, other than finding answers to your problems outside, take some time and find the possible answers from within the depth of your soul. As no one could possibly guide you better than your own spirit.

Take professional help-

You may feel caught and unfit to come out from the negative patterns rising up out of the conditions and the over-analysis of the situation. In such torturing occasions, don't avoid taking expert assistance for example visit an expert advisor, who can comprehend your circumstance and dissect it from a totally impartial point of view. Regardless of whether it is something you have picked or was bound to occur, separation can never be simple for anybody. Thusly, talk to a counselor as they can see things from your perspective and can help you with all the necessary support in order for you to come out of such difficult times in your life.

Tackling with Anger and grief-

Many people find themselves clinging to the anger and disappointment from an abrupt end to their relationship. This not only makes them pessimistic but also they start self-loathing themselves. This unhealthy attachment to the ex-partner post the separation will not do you any good. Therefore, stop checking onto what your past lover is doing in his life by excessive stalking into their social media accounts or by enquiring about them through mutual friends. Move on with whatever challenges life has thrown at you, learn to tackle your battles in rather an optimistic way and emerge out as a warrior from the battlefield.

Also, it is extremely important to know the difference between a normal and understood reaction to post the separation and depression even after numerous failed attempts to better things out for yourself, when you cannot seem to take any forward momentum in life, know its depression that you are going through.