Astrology is a science which deals with the positioning and placement of various celestial bodies and the impact they hold over humans. It studies the movements and positions of the astronomical bodies and also the relationship between divinity and the extraterrestrial events. Due to such involvement in matters related to human behavior as well as the astronomical field it is not very welcomed by the scientific community. Astrology is rejected by the scientific community for the reason that there is no explanation for the same. To not agree with the thoughts of astrologers, scientists say that only extremely experienced astrologers who charge quite some amount of money tend to give information on a person's future life and personality. Whereas the people who tend to sell horoscopes with just any information that might seem to predict something should be avoided. Scientists expect proper reasoning for the predictions made by astrologers. They find it vague for having predicted it, of having some kind of effect either in a solo manner or jointly with some other planet.

Relationship with astronomy:

Scientists tend to believe that the predictions made based on the positions of various planets as well as their interferences with one another do not fit well with the human personality and character. Earlier, the extra-terrestrial entities were only considered for determining the hour of the day, the position of the moon in order to know fortnight as well as the prediction of high or low tides in the sea after having known it, and judging the weather on the basis of the power of the Sun. Later on it was used for chatting the position of these entities at the time of an individuals birth in order to you know the character, personality, past, present as well as future, health, marriage, presence of any negativity and many other factors. There were observatories built during the golden age of Islam in order to note down the position of the entities. Most of these observatories were torn down either due to failed construction or due to the prohibition against astrology.

Looking at the stars:

Different astrologers for a very long time used stars to take clues and then read them. The astrologers have their basis on interpretations taken to log back from stars. The people in the past recorded observations about things that happened in the sky. They then spent time analyzing the relationship between the activities of the space and the things that were taking place in day to day life of these people. Therefore, their astrology is pretty authentic because these predictions and observations have been correct for a very long time. Even today, astrologers practice the same method and make use of the same observations to predict our future.

Astrology and its link with today’s world:

Destiny is something that makes astrology a bit more authentic. Destiny is something that is common when it comes to traditional as well as modern psychology.  Astrology chalks the relationship between the movement of different planets and stars in the space. Certain things were known from them which even the modern astrologers fail to not agree with. Although not scientific, one cannot say that astrology is not authentic. Not only in India but in many other parts of the world, this particular art is gaining a lot of importance.  More and more people are making use of astrology to get an insight into their future and make decisions accordingly. Had this process not been authentic, people would not have kept so much belief in it. There are different branches in astrology, ranging from kundali matching to the art of numerology. Thus, various different procedures can be used to predict your future using astrology.


All in all, there is no evident proof to mark astrology being fake and hence we consider it to be an authentic art. With so many people practicing this art as well as finding more information about it, chances are astrology will soon receive more attention. All one has been careful about is the fact that not everything that he/she hears about his/her future is true. Try to have some filter and go to a good astrologer for this tradition.