There might be a thousand different colours or shades in the palette but there are a few set of colours that changes the life for each zodiac. Taurus has its own shades that they prefer blending into. Being influenced by the planet of beauty and love, Venus, there are a few traits that solemnly matches with that of Taurus.

Taurus is gifted with the power of sensuality and compassion with the tone of being down-to-earth no matter what they undergo. They never lose their grace in any sort of ventures that they undergo. With the powerful and the positive energy that is bestowed to them, Taurus is more close to the forest, earth and everything connected to Earth. That is why the shades of Green especially the one of the Emerald is proven to be lucky for them. The other certain colours that Taurus are inclined towards are White, Pink and Black.


Of all the other sets of shades present, the colour that highly represents Taurus is Green. Green is the colour that personifies growth. It is connected to nature being the colour of every trees, forests and plant, present in the ecosystem. With the new green leaves, the indication of something new too comes in fruition. Green makes Taurus feel rejuvenated. It also bestows the zodiac to move towards the path of growth for prospering in their life, along with the experiences that they share. Green is the colour that is also equivalent to finance or the money. And being a sign of sophistication, pleasure and luxury, the power of finance is always in affinity with Taurus. Venus makes sure to shower the worldly possessions and self-love to understand the real value of what a Taurus really is. For a Taurus, wearing Green at the meeting or an event of profit may turn out to be magical for them. They can accessorize them with the cuffs, rings, neckpieces or wristlets. Having crystals of Green like Jade in the environment that they stay in, can turn out to be quite a booster for them. They can also design their living space or the work area with the same. A flower vase with the engraving of the Jade or portraits of Green can lighten and brighten up their mood, causing them to look towards the positivity of life with more vivid directions to unfold. For decorating the room or the home, Taurus can also blend a few colours to accessorize the look of the place. A light green colour is perfect for the walls along with a tinge of pink to make the combination of the colours more powerful. The different plants, shrubs or climbers can be put to add an aesthetic value to the environment that charges the Taurus.


Pink is the colour that attracts fortune and good luck for a Taurus, be it in business, personal relationships, family or life. A hue of pink every day can work like magic in the world of Taurus. Choosing a few shades of pink flowers to design the room or the hallway can really improve the mood. Few different decorations with accent pieces, frames, pillows or blanket can really turn the scenario into something ethereal and pleasing to the eyes and the soul. Pink is associated with the blessings of the planet, Venus. And Pink has the power to bless Taurus with luck, love and light. Carrying Rose quartz can turn out to be magical. It can also turn around to work as lady luck for you. A dress or a scarf to match the style of the outfit can be extremely lucky for Taurus. There would be different colours that would catch the glimpse of Taurus but only a few forms a connection with the zodiac. These colours not only form a connection but also guides the zodiac towards the righteous path to enable them to create something beautiful and growing for them. It not only charges the positive energies to the confluence with the lifestyle but also sparks the mood of love, fun and joy that makes the world meaningful and worth. Taurus make sure to use their power with colours in a more serious way to create what they want to grow in their life.