Connecting with your inner self by walking the path of spirituality

Connecting with your inner self by walking the path of spirituality

What is being spiritual? Different people would answer this question differently. Some believe that spirituality is connected with religion, faith or beliefs while others would advocate that it is related to pleasure and what makes us truly happy. No matter what you believe in. The core value of spirituality always remains the same- connecting with your inner self. Whether you connect with yourself with the help of religion, acts of pleasure or anything else, the baseline would always be to connect with what you truly believe in. Spirituality lies in the fact of finding meaning and purpose in your life.

How can spirituality change your life for the better?

We live in a practical world where simply preaching would not make the cut. Even the preaching should have a practical value to our current life. It must offer something that we do not already have for a way to improve what we currently have. Fortunately, spirituality can help us get both. Let us see how:

Gaining mental strength

Life can be tough at times. It will not always be a bed of roses. Not all circumstances end up in our favour. There are times when it is really hard to accept what has happened and get over it. Such sore ends leave us with pain, hardships and disbelief. Some people recover from it and some people simply get stuck. If you are a person who is not able to get out of that zone. Maybe, spirituality can be the answer for you. Spirituality can become the guide you need to get out of this zone. It is not just preaching morals and ethical values. But more about the practical aspects of our emotional life. It is easier to deal with financial debts and pending work. But when it comes to our emotional health, it can get quite messy. Separating right from wrong can be really difficult. In such testing times, you should take the help of spirituality.

Different practices available for different people

The good thing about spirituality is that it does not follow the method of one fit for all. People are unique and so are the practices of spirituality. Some of the most common ways to connect with your inner self with the help of spirituality are meditation, mindfulness, prayer, journalising and much more. You should choose the practice that you feel most comfortable with. If you do not feel comfortable with sitting down with her eyes closed, there is no need to force yourself. You can simply jot down your feelings as they are at the end of your day. Simply writing down your feelings (also known as journalising) can help you get a better perspective of what you truly think and feel. All these acts of spirituality are aimed at understanding yourself better.

Finding who you really are

One of the top reasons why so many people suffer from mental trauma and illnesses is because of the disconnect with one's inner self. Who we truly are and what we want from our life, are some important questions that we need to answer from time to time. Life is unexpected. It will not always go how we wanted to be. Our loved ones can leave us anytime and even our most precious achievements can crumble down to nothingness within a moment. Life is impermanent. In this impermanence, we need to find the meaning of our life. What we are seeking and what we are living for. For it is real that if you do not know the meaning of your life, you cannot go on in painful situations. Having the thought of quitting and leaving everything behind is common if you are disconnected with yourself.

In conclusion, we need to understand that understanding ourselves better is the ultimate goal of spirituality. It does not mean becoming religious out of a sudden or blindly following a belief. It means walking on your path to discover your true self. Finding who you truly are and being connected with it throughout your life. Being spiritual is not a one time process. It is a lifelong practice that will live as long as you are alive.