Confused between job or business? Get the help of astrology and secrets

Confused between job or business? Get the help of astrology and secrets

Jobs and business both are important concerns of people nowadays, and they are just confused about which one to choose or plan according to their career goals, so here we have some different ways to get your ideal choice.

Astrology for the job included important planets

The most important planet is Saturn. Saturn rules Capricorn, which is the 10th house of natural signs. Therefore, it is a natural symbol of professionalism. You should check the strength, position and other conditions of Saturn. Furthermore, Saturn is the Karaka of astrological work. We need to check the sun and moon in astrology for government work. The sun and the moon are an important part of the government's job. We need to check if Mars has a career as a policeman or army. We need to check if Mercury has jobs related to astrological economics or banking.

Kundli reading for the Job

The ruler of the ascendant or sixth house must have a connection with the tenth house.

The ruler of the sixth house can fall into the ascendant or tenth house.

The tenth Yasha is ascended to the 6th lord or 10th lord, and the 6th Lord participates in the exchange of Yasha.

Chapter Ten or Six Lords Intersect The tenth lord is in the 6th lord Navamsa, or the 6th lord is in the 10th lord Navamsa.

The influence or aspect of Saturn on the tenth, sixth or ascendant can provide you with a career based on Vedic astrology.

Combination to look for while opting for Government Job

For a government job, the influence of the sun or moon must be in the 6th or 10th house or in ascendant.

If the tenth house is Cancer or Leo, the possibility of government work increases.

If the combination of the Lord of the 6th house and the Lord of the 10th house is in these Signs: Leo or Cancer, it will also increase the possibility of government work.

The tenth lord occupied Sun and Moon Navamsa, increasing government job opportunities.

There are chances that the lord of 6th or 10th house will dominate the government salaried employees.

But few people know their goals. Most of the time, people are confused: what should you do? Work or business? Which is more appropriate and which will give you the greatest success? Astrology can also help you in this regard.

How much time astrology can take for my choice

To know when you can find a job, you need to learn Dasha and Transit. But just one Dasha is not enough. You must use multiple Dashas. I personally recommend using Vimsottari Dasha and Chara Dasha to determine the timing of new works based on Vedic astrology.

According to Wim Sotari Dasha, you can find a job in the 6th lord or 10th Lord or the 11th Lord Dasha. The 6th lord represents work, the tenth boss represents the business, and the eleventh boss represents income. So Vimsottari Dasha of these planets is a very suitable time to find a job. Planets in the 10th house can also give you a job. Dasha, the 10th house lord of chart D10, and the tenth house planet of chart D10 is also a good time for you to find a job.

Combination for a job change or promotion in astrology

Promotion Possibility at Dasha of Yoga Karaka. For example, Saturn is Karaka Yoga ascending in Taurus, Mars is KarakaYoga in Cancer, and Leo ascending.

When Jupiter passes through Saturn or the Sun or Venus, that year will make you satisfied with the promotion.

If any planet in your chart is related to the Lord of the 10th house and the Lord of the 3rd house, According to astrology, the evil spirits of your horoscope planet can change their work.

Changes in astrological work can also occur in the great evil stars of the planet, which are located in the stars of the sixth, tenth or eleventh lord.

Tips or Remedies of Astrology to get an ideal job

Corrective actions are used to reduce work problems and career success. However, we need to analyze and verify the personal horoscope for any type of astrological treatment. But you must remember that this remedy has some limitations.

Saturn is the Karaka of astrology career and work. Therefore, supporting Saturn is a very useful way to get a good job. Fasting on Saturday helps solve work problems. Pouring water on grapefruit every Saturday is also a simple remedy that can help you run well and overcome obstacles.