In the realms of science and magic, there are a few mystical origins that have guided people throughout their lifetime. One of such guidance from the Universe is known as Tasseography. It is popularly known as Coffee or Tea readings in this advanced era of today. It is known to be originated from the heart of the Middle East and parts of Europe.

Our astrologer or the psychic reader, Astrologer Mahesh Ji is the leading astrologer dealing with politicians and celebrities all over India. He has been taking care of meeting the needs of people from the last 25 years to date. Astrologer Mahesh Ji is adequate and an expert when it comes to reading the Coffee cup for interpreting the details of the past, present and future of the client. His utmost communication and understanding with the clients are so intense that people get engrossed and enthralled by his advice and the teachings that he provides through his reading.

Astrologer Mahesh ji prefers a personal-to-the-reader communication during the reader as in such a way, he connects to the clients by forming a mental and spiritual communication. His way of reading and interpretation of the coffee grounds has helped the people to understand their situation. It has also helped them to reach for the answers that they have been longing to get hold of.


To be precise, a coffee cup reading is based on the prediction or the interpretation of what the destiny holds for a person. A psychic reader deciphers the residuals of the coffee grounds in the cup as well as the saucer. As soon as the client is done drinking the coffee, the reader picks up the cup by swirling it and invokes a prayer onto it. After the prayer is said, the cup is turned upside down on the saucer to wait. The wait is for the portions of the grounds to sweep down on the saucer. Due to that, different paradigm or symbols get established on both the cup and the saucer together.

The symbols and the patterns formed due to the coffee grounds deliver the details about the client who has come for their reading. There are many different sorts of symbols that get visible on the ceramics such as the initial of the client’s closed ones or the important scenes of life that is important or might turn out to be important. Trails of the past, present as well as the road heading towards the future is also depicted through the patterns. The energy that is delivered by the people showering over the client is also understood through the patterns and symbols.

The reading of coffee symbols have a wide set of variety and there are different on each reading, predicted by each reader in an exquisite approach to it. There are meaning to distinctive symbols like:

A House can resemble a real one or abode for inner peace.

A bridge can decipher itself as a connection or situations that are making sense in the end.

The mountains are a sign of efforts or a difficult destination that needs to be reached.

People signify the environment that the couple belonged to or is meddling with.

Animals help to understand the traits that trigger that needs of the client.

A vehicle defines a journey or a vacation. It can also turn out to be a life-shifting situation.

A bird is a sign of news that is about to arrive or has arrived.

A pen deciphers a new story of life or a chance to write a new article, according to the profession.

An eye is a depiction of some evil or negative energies that are trying to surround the client.

Different symbols might depict different meaning for each reader but Coffee Cup Reading by astrologer Mahesh Ji makes sure to do justice with the interpretation, according to the needs of the client. His predictions throw a new light over the affirmations that things will turn out to be better no matter what the situation is. Astrologer Mahesh ji’s calculations and predictions over Fortune cookie is also a rare skill of spiritual guidance, acquired by the psychic readers of today’s world.