Cocktails are loved by almost everyone but choosing the one that is perfect for us is a lot of tricks to follow. Picking a random cocktail can turn out to be distasteful for a few. But think of what happens when you choose the cocktail that is solely made for you.

Here is the list of the cocktails that sparks the mood of every zodiac, according to their own way:


Aries is an active zodiac, are the ones who take their taste for cocktails like a Margarita that really spices up their life and their mood. Therefore, Spicy Margarita are the prime option for an Aries to blend into.


Taurus are close to something that not only lingers their taste buds but also makes them feel a desire to keep on taking sips one after the one. The flavours of rum with the contrast of the pineapple guides them towards ecstasy. Pina Colada are the best cocktail for a Taurus to dive into.


Gemini are the mood changers among all the other zodiacs. They present their equal taste of sweet and sassy not only in their words but also in their drinks. Sparkling wine with the juice is something to bargain for. Summer Spritz are the best ones to devour something light yet uplifting.


For a Cancer, nothing beats Sangria in the list of cocktails. Cancers make sure to enjoy a party with the mixture of something that connects to the homely feeling and that is why Sangria makes them comfortable in the party with their close friends.


Being the hype of the party zones, Leos prefers something that suits their extravagance. They love everything that is a little over the top. Espresso Martini makes them feel wild with the taste of the coffee and vodka along with the sugar syrup that rushes in.


Virgos do not like anything that ignites their complexity. They prefer everything that is clear without a heap of nonsense. They are prone to Vodka Soda as it makes them feel the spark of both perfection and delightfulness. A dash of lime or lemon makes them feel de-stressed.


Libras prefer something that combines the spirits into balance and harmony. What can be better than a Mimosa to hold on? With a classic sense of fashion and being inclined towards the artistic traits of the drink, Libras go gaga over this.


Scorpios are more into Long Island Iced Tea than anything else among the other cocktails. They are quite emotional inside but the world is not aware of that. With the hold of the cocktail, it makes them feel that they can open up to surface out what they actually feel.


Sagittarius runs on fire and alcohol. Cosmopolitan is the ultimate choice for these zodiacs. They feel that this cocktail makes them feel like they are dancing with their own demons and even inviting them for another drink.


Capricorns are more sharped tongued if compared to Virgos. They love to cut off with blunt words and hard words. Dry Martini reaches their soul and makes them feel the attitude that they love to portray. It keeps them sane in their mind of madness.


Aquarius do love to overthink even if there is nothing to think of. They pull it out from the depth of their heart and make sure to present it to the world. Negroni is the one that partners with them to bestow the feelings that they want to show.


Pisces love to stay in the world of their dreams. They love to see something that makes them feel like magic, even if it is a cocktail. Foaming Fairy are their choice of cocktail that makes them feel out of the world. It is not only the Gin that hits but also their dreams.

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