Clear your Misunderstanding About Shani Mahadeva

Clear your Misunderstanding About Shani Mahadeva

Scientifically speaking the cosmic terminology Saturn refers to one of the ninth planets that orbit the sun in the solar system. It is the second-largest planet after Jupiter and has the highest count of natural satellite or moon orbiting around the planet. The uniqueness that Saturn holds is the marvelous ring in possess that consists of the rocks and meteors in its atmosphere and it is the only planet with a noticeable ring because of the atmospheric field’s pull that holds the rocks together. But this just comprises of the scientific definition of Saturn the astrological explanation of Shani described in the Vedas has depth attached to it.



Vedic astrology which in modern days coined as sidereal astrology has put a lot of concentration on the positioning of different planets and how it can affect the predictions of an individual’s astrological reading. Every planet has different premonitions that manage to alter the outcome, these outcomes can be both positive or negative depending on the Dasha and Mahadasha period.


In the oldest records of Vedic astrology every a celestial object has been given the pedestal of god or goddess-like Surya deva[the sun god], Shani deva[Saturn god] and moon goddess denoting the fact that because these bodies have such a powerful influence on our life-giving them reverence can assist in acquiring better grip in the readings of the astrological chart.


One such heavenly deity is Shani Mahadeva. Shani has been a subject of mortal fear since the beginning of time. It is always considered Saturn’s latch to be very malefic and it can never have an optimistic outcome but it is also important to note that Shani has always influenced karma and its adversities come as retribution of an individual’s wrongdoings. So an idol was created to worship with the purity of heart as to wash away the sins committed by the individual and alter the malevolent side of Shani.



As for being projected as the malefic god, Shani is often considered the symbol of misfortune but the contributions of Shani Mahadeva has deeper layers than just good and bad. First off Shani Mahadeva is examined as the deity of justice as provides people with what they deserve, it is a messiah of integrity to the righteous individual and for the wicked it is the great punisher and authority of order and discipline. Whenever we commit a mistake or heinous crime the quote popularly delivered is “the universe is watching” , it basically translates that if an individual believes he can get away by being malefic to others, it can revert back to them under the powerful influence of Shani Mahadeva. The misunderstanding of Shani Mahadeva is also created of the pain, frustration, and destruction being the oblivious attributes of Shani Mahadeva but these difficult times is what gives us the appropriate reality check and prepares us for the future by pushing us out of the ultimate comfort zone. Shani is also known for creating extreme seriousness and gravity in every situation that makes people see the right and wrong with complete clarity.



Shani leads us to our extreme edges and makes us the understand the purpose for our existence as a mortal being , it does push us to our limits only to make us realize what is our limit and where to stop. It creates inconvenience in life just to make us apprehend what is not convenient for our proper living. It is often noticed that under the influence of Shani Mahadeva people witness clashes with family and relatives, overall social adversity but then again it teaches us to clarify who is the true character in our lives and who promotes fallacy. Under the dominance of Shani, individuals can possess ultimate hard work which in return can win them confidence, success and in some cases monetary assets as they fall under the positive house of Shani i.e. the house 11. If predicted that an individual is being hit the inauspicious side of Shani Mahadeva, chanting the Shani or Swayambhu mantra can assist you in being in the positive influence of Shani Mahadeva.



The most populous Shani temple is situated in Maharashtra , Shani Shignapur, this is considered the most miraculous incident of nature. The others include Shani Dham temple, Delhi. Shri Shani Temple located in Titwala. Shani Devaalayam, Deonar  Shani Devaalayam, Deonar. Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple, Pondicherry and many more around India