There is no secret in the fact that the festivity of Christmas is right here knocking at our doorsteps. And we all have had a dull year this time due to the constant scare and awareness of the deadly pandemic. But who says you cannot practice social distancing and still celebrate the wonderful event of Christmas both at the same time?

Well, whomsoever said that has no idea about how to have fun. Christmas is a day of joy and love and we shall celebrate this festival with all the shimmer and glam this day deserves. 

Speaking of celebrations, we all must have painted our home all red, green, and golden with the ornaments and spiritual elements of Christmas. Im sure that we all know the significance and the vitality of this event, but have you guys ever thought of the significance of the Christmas elements? Well, if not then, we are here to celebrate an insightful Christmas by giving a brief description of each and every element of Christmas, Have a look!!! 


It is often believed that the Germans are the ones who initiated the advents of Christmas trees as one of the ancient German preachers began the trend of bringing these trees into their homes. And initially bringing these trees home was just a  sign and way of welcoming the spring season, but as years passed these actual oak trees to plastic leaves trees and now, there are several varieties of this tree. 

Setting up The Christmas tree is one of the greatest and most heartwarming gestures in the Christmas festivities. So, go grab your bells and start adding spark to that tree of yours. 


Im sure that we mustve taken the help of a ladder to put that star high up on the last bark of the Christmas tree. But have you guys ever thought of the significance and the role of the star? 

This star represents the star of Bethlehem, which according to our biblical readings, guided the tree men or wise to baby jesus. And this star is also known for symbolling the general instincts of pure humanity and prosperity. 


These yummy candy canes might look like a fun and cute little element to decorate on your tree, but let us tell you the actual significance of these sweet little candies. The shape of these candy canes resembles the shepherds stick which he used in order to guide the sheep. 

And as for the color scheme, the red color reprints the bold of Jesus and the white color represents the life of Christians after salvation. Moreover, nowadays these candy canes are also used as a delicious sweet especially for the kids out there. 


The wreath that we use to decorate our house entrances and at times we also decorate our trees with these magnificent and beautifully designed wreaths. As for its original significance according to several theories the wreath represents the crown of thorns that placed on the head of Jesus while he was crucified. 

While nowadays the wreaths signify, the gods love and a sense of eternal happiness which spreads joy and love all over. And these wreaths are made of magical elements like floral chains and other sparkly ornaments. 


the beautiful and pretty Bells signify the times when the shepherds used to call their sheep back using the sound of these bells. These bells are not usually seen on the trees, instead, they are usually decorated outside our homes at entrances. 


Even the candles represent the star of Bethlehem, and nowadays the millennials tend to decorate their trees as well as their homes with a lot of lights and this symbolizes gratitude, warmth, and happiness in general. 

Take a close look at all the above descriptions and make your Christmas even more precious and homely with all these elements along with their original and historical meanings and significance in your minds. And most importantly dont be a brat as you might lose your chances of impressing Santa. 

So, a Very Merry Christmas to all of you!! 

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