Choghadiya Today | Subh Samay

Choghadiya Today | Subh Samay

Choghadiya is a time that shows or suggests that future success is likely to start work. It is known from the Vedic Hindu calendar. Choghadiya is calculated according to Dina, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana for every day which is automatically being adjusted for any city in the world based on the sunset and sunrise of the city. According to traditions Choghadiya is used for travel muhurthas. Choghadiya is an Indian astrology based muhurtha or auspicious time guide. It is a popular tool used by Hindus. Choghadiya is divided into one-eighth part of the day and night that is in twelve hours of the day and twelve hours of the night each one and half a minute is one Choghadiya. Choghadiya starts from sunrise, the first choghadiya after seven choghadiyas is only the eighth choghadiya. 


There are seven different choghadiya for seven different days. Generally, the best choghadiya are namely shubh, Chanchal, Amrit and laabh. Udveg, rog, and kaal are considered not that good choghadiya. There's a planet lord for every choghadiya which is considered very powerful. 


To start an iron or oil business, Kaal effected by Shani choghadiya results very effectively.

Today choghadiya is Labh choghadiya but overlapped by Kaal Ratri, therefore inauspicious. In Vedic astrology calculations, time is known as GHADI and each ghadi is equivalent to 24 minutes. 


Day choghadiya is for the days of the week assuming sunrise at 6:00 am.

Night choghadiya is for the nights of the week assuming sunset at 6:00 pm.


Considering in North India, choghadiya is considered very popular, reliable and astonishingly accurate. Its simplicity makes it, even more, user-friendly with which one can know the muhurat even without the help of an astrologer.



Each of the choghadiya divisions is both advantageous and disadvantageous depending on the date and time of the day and night. The first choghadiya is decided on the aspect of the ruling planet of the day and night. 

The ruling planet of Udveg is Sun, Labh is Mercury, Char is Venus, Rog is Mars, Shubh is Jupiter, Kaal is Saturn and for Amrut is Moon. When doing prosperous activities one should not consider Vaar Vela, Kaal Vela, and Kaal Ratri as these are not auspicious. 



The influence of the planet determines whether the choghadiya is auspicious or inauspicious at that particular time. If the planet is beneficial then it is considered to be a good choghadiya and if the planet is malefic then it is said to be a bad choghadiya. 

It is also decided by the day of the week as the first day of the week is associated with the deity of the day or the ruling planet. The first and last auspicious time of the day is influenced by the Lord planet of the weekday and followed by the rest of the planets. 


  • All important events should be commenced in the three phases that is Amrit, Shubh, Labh Choghadiya as they are considered to be the most auspicious time of the day.
  • Char Choghadiya is considered as a good choghadiya. 
  • Every important event should be avoided during Udveg, Kaal, Rog choghadiya because they are the most inauspicious durations of the day.



Choghadiya can be further divided into seven different parts

  • Udveg- Muhrath under Udveg is considered to be the most inauspicious duration of the day and no work is done during this time. 
  • Chal- Duration under chal is considered to be a bit suspicious, and any work, journey or any religious activity can be started.
  • Labh- One can certainly start any work, journey, and religious work under this choghadiya as this is considered to be auspicious.
  • Amrut- Muhrath under this period is also considered to be auspicious and they can start any work. 
  • Kaal- Muhrath under this is considered to be inauspicious, so avoid initiating any religious task or projects. 
  • Shubh- Muhrath under shubh is considered to be very auspicious, one can certainly take up any project and start working. 
  • Rog- Muhrath is considered to be an inauspicious period so do not start any work in the day.

Choghadiya Muhurtha is also called as Chaturshtika Muhurat. To get the maximum benefit of health, wealth and prosperity it is advisable to perform necessary prayers on a particular time period of the day. And the appropriate time of the muhurath can be obtained from Panchang. According to Hindu astrology, it is advisable not to do any work if the most auspicious choghadiya muhurat coincides with the inauspicious period of the day, it is always better to postpone the work. And better to do that work on the other auspicious choghadiya muhurath to get the best results.