Choghadiya 2020

Choghadiya 2020

In Vedic Mythology, according to the term Choghadiya, it's made from two-syllable Cho & Ghadi where 'Cho' means four and Ghadi is time. According to Vedic Mythology, 1 Ghadi is equal to 24 minutes which leads us to determine that Choghadiya is a Vedic-Hindu Calendar popular in North India. It shows Nakshatra, Tithi, Dina, Karana and it's based on the Sunrise and Sunset of the Earth.

4 Ghadi, a total of 96 minutes is mostly got from the types of it during each day. As it's preferable to perform these prayers for the day to inherit the maximum wealth, health and to benefit a success. The Process is divided into 8 equal divisions of the sunset and sunrise each of them known as Choghadiya.   Being a total of 16 Choghadiya consisting in a day.


There are 3 types of Choghadiya & are follows as:

1. Amrut, Shubh, Labh

2. Char

3. Udveg, Kal and Rog


It's also divided into 2 major categories, Good Choghadiya & Bad Choghadiya:


1. Good Choghadiya:

A long-lasting time period consisting of Amrut, Shubh, Labh, Char, these four types of good Choghadiya is the best time period. Generally, Griah Pravesh is done in this time period, Labh is the best time for a business to start in this period to show huge gains.


2. Bad Choghadiya:

An Avoidable time period during which things shouldn't be practiced as it causes a bad omen to the society. The time period during which it should be avoided is Kaal Vela, Vaar Vela, Udveg & Kaal Ratri. Kaal Vela & Vaar Vela comes at the daytime whereas Kaal Ratri comes in the Night-time. If in case Good Choghadiya is overlapping with the bad Choghadiya then the practice or Muharat should be avoided.


After we focus on the basic types and description let's see how these are considered to be good or bad. Each of the Choghadiya or the characteristics of it is decided by the position of the planet, as each Choghadiya is influenced by a planet. Starting with the first day of a week.


 a). Monday is ruled by the Moon and it's followed by Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Sun-Mercury.


b). The Good Choghadiya are ruled on Tuesday as the first belonging to Mars, followed by it the second belonging to Sun and the last one is belonging to Mars again.


Just like that Good & Bad Choghadiya are ruled by planets, we see that the Planets have good and bad characteristics too. As we can see there on a chart basis each of the hours. Let's look at the brief description of each of the good and bad Choghadiya:


Starting with the Good ones, Udveg Choghadiya is considered to be ruled under the Star Sun in Vedic Astrology. Most of the practices done under the Udveg Choghadiya are of Government-related work & are considered better to be practiced. Continuing with the next one is Char Choghadiya.


Char Chaturshtika is ruled under the influence of the Venus Planet. The Planet Venus has a moving ability in nature due to that this Choghadiya is used mostly for traveling purposes. It's also termed as Chanchal Choghadiya.


Shubh Chaturshtika is ruled under the influence of the Jupiter Planet. It is generally termed under to conduct good ceremonies that have a good scope of the time for a better practice. It is mostly done during Marriage Ceremony and Griah Pravesh.


Rog Chaturshtika is ruled under the influence of Mars Planet. It's not a really good sign of practice when it comes to the Mars planet as it shows the characteristics of a bad omen, considered unfavorable and adverse conditions. Here the practices which are generally performed are recommended for war.


Kala Chaturshtika is ruled under the influence of the malefic planet known as Saturn. The works or practices which are considered favorable are never to be performed under these circumstances and are generally recommended under those activities which are for to accumulate money and wealth.

Therefore, each effect of the division made, good or bad according to the above-described manner we can say that the planets are a major role in defining the favorable-unfavorable conditions for the particular practices or ceremonies or any work to be performed. Let's ponder on the Planet-wise significance:


Saturn - should be neglected as it’s a karmic planet.

Venus - most favorable planet. mostly under many ceremonies

Mercury- Planet ruling with intellectual reasons.

Sun - Completely successful under Udveg terms.